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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two Malamutes and a St Bernard

Here is a video I saw about 2 malamutes playing with a saint bernard. Initially, the malamutes are playing with each other, and then a st bernard comes along and the malamutes turn their attentions to him.

Talk about some big dog action. I only have one big dog myself (my other one is a small dog), but having several big dogs has got to be an interesting experience to have.

Conversations with Mishka the Husky? New Jersey and Aliens

Here is an interesting videos involving Mishka the Husky. In this video, Mishka gets asked 2 questions: 1) does she like New Jersey (it appears that the poster is from the New York City area consideing that in at least one of the videos, they were walking Mishka and Laika in New York City), and 2) does she believe in aliens. Amazingly, the dog answers them promptly (almost like a Chewbacca impression)

Laika and Moki swimming after sticks in the water (golden retriever impression)

Aw, you guys are shy (in regards to the last post). Ah well, considering that nobody has responded to my last post (requesting you guys to share videos), I guess I will be the one sharing videos for now (based on ones I like). Also, since nobody has responded to my offer to share ad royalties on videos, I will assume that I get 100% of the ad revenue from this blog for now (hey, I offered it and nobody responded, so its your loss). Anyways, I think that it is time for another video, and for today\'s video, I decided to share a video about Laika the Husky (Mishka\'s sister ) and her sister Moki fetching sticks in the water. Here it is:

Comments about this video:

I found this video to be pretty cute and interesting. I like how Laika seems to take after a typical retriever (such as a lab like Moki) and goes to fetch a stick when the cameraman threw it in the water. She is fast too as she easily beat Moki to the punch (comes to show how fast huskies can move). By the way, you don\'t always see this in huskies. I remember when I was a the Lowell dog park with my dog near Everett a few months ago, I saw a black and white husky there (named Kemo) and I tried throwing a ball for him, but he would not go after it, and so I am not sure if they all take after retrievers. By the way, it appears that most of these videos take place in the New York City area, and I like the suburban feel to this video. By the way, can your dogs do something like this? Don\'t be shy people. Also, please be sure to share this post with others.

Related videos at www.uvioo.com:

Tan Husky says, I love you - as you can see, Miskha the Husky is not the only dog that can say words like I love you as evidenced in this video about a lady getting her dog to say I love you as well . By the way, this trick does not seem to work with every dog as I couldn\'t get my dogs to do this trick when I tried it.

Crystal the Husky sings happy birthday - this video reminds me a bit of the duets that Mishka and Laika sing sometimes in their videos (like the ipod videos). By the way, can you get your dog to sing like Crystal (the husky) does in this video?

Husky pups hanging out together in a laundry basket

Here is a cute video I found, in this video, several husky pups are hanging out together in a laundry basket while the owner is cleaning the carpet. You don\'t see things like this everyday:

Huskies, Sasha, Zoey, Gizmo and Raymin just chillin

Here is short video about a pack of four huskies: Sasha, Zoey, Gizmo, and Raymin chillin on a sofa that you might like


Aw, isn\'t that cute, four huskies just chillin on a sofa? I\'ve seen how big dogs will lie down on furniture when given an opportunity (my golden retriever does this sometimes too), probably because they don\'t like lying down on the hard floor. By the way, can\'t you imagine living with 4 huskies? That has got to be alot of huskies (though not as much huskies as I saw on a similar video about 7 husky puppies, which you can view on my other blog at http://rjanimalvideos.blogspot.com/2011/12/husky-puppies-being-noisy.html. The dogs all seem to get along pretty well too. Do you have videos of your dogs hanging out together? Feel free to share it.

Malamute Puppies for Sale in Cork video

Here is an interesting video I saw on youtube about some alaskan malamute puppies that have been up for sale since November 2011 (not sure if there are some left or not though considering that it is December now). This post was originally posted by on youtube.

Now that is some brotherly love, a husky pup playing with his big brother

Here is today\'s featured video: Havock the Siberian Husky Pup playing with his big brother, Wolfy

A pack of siberian huskies demolish a snowman

Talk about the mischeviousnesss that huskies tend to have, here is an interesting and somewhat humorus video I saw on youtube about some dude building a snowman in his back yard, only have a pack of siberian huskies demolish it. It was pretty funnny if you ask me

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What do you think of this? Foxes Jumping on Trampolines?

Now, here is a sight you are not likely to see every day: 2 foxes jumping on a trampoline.  How they got on there is beyond me, but this is a video that is definitely worth sharing and commenting about (posted by Samron on Youtube):

Although this video is definitely a rarety in my book, it is definitely prety cute and funny and worth watching.  Here in Washington State, I have yet to see a fox in the wild, though we do get lots of coyotes around here), but these foxes definitely seem to be somewhat tame considering that they were willing to check out the trampoline in somebody's yard. 

Anyways, what do you think of this video?  Do you have similar experiences you want to share about?  By the way, feel free to share this post with others.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dog (Brussels Griffon) jumping for Santa video

Here is a funny video that not all dogs seem to do: going crazy when watching TV, such as this dog jumping when he sees Santa Claus in some movie (Elf?)

I find this video to be pretty hillarious, with the dog (a brussels griffon) jumping and barking while watching the TV.  I have two dogs myself, and while they will watch TV sometimes (especially when they hear other animals), they never go crazy like this little dog does in the video.  It is almost like this dog thinks the characters in the film are real and right in front of him, even though they are only on TV.  By the way, this is not the only video where a dog goes crazy while watching a movie.  I was watching a video a while back at StupidVideos.com about a siberian husky trying to "communicate" with the dogs in the movie, Snow Dogs, which you can see at http://www.stupidvideos.com/video/animals/Husky_Attempts_Communication_With_Sled_Dogs/.

By the way, does your dog go crazy when watching TV?  Mine don't, but I would curious to hear your stories.

Husky Puppies being noisy

Here is a somewhat funny video about 7 husky puppies being noisy while they were in their pen while the owner was doing some cleaning.

You know, I don't know about you, but that is definitely alot of husky puppies and they definitely don't seem to like their pen.  Can't you imagine owning 7 medium/big sized dogs like huskies?  This reminds me a bit of what you would see in the movie, Snow Dogs, where a dude winds up with 7 huskies and a border collie after going to Alaksa.  I bet those dogs are alot to handle.  I have 2 dogs myself by the way.  By the way, what do you think of this video?  Do you have alot of dogs yourself. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Puppy vs Kitty video

Here is a classic you might like: a video about a small dog (not sure what the breed is) squaring off with a cat.  It is a pretty funny video:

By the way, there seem to be plenty of variations of these kinds of videos about dogs playing with cats (seems to happen with just about any breed).  My dogs never lived around cats, so I would be curious to see how they would react with them, especially my golden retriever, though I have seen him chasing after cats sometimes (though the cat usually gets away).  By the way, how do your dogs react around cats?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What do your dogs do when you are not home?

Attention fellow dog owners, do you ever wonder what your pets do whenever they are home alone?  For example, when you are at work and nobody is home besides your dog(s).  I just saw this interesting video below about 3 different dogs when nobody is home, including 2 basset hounds and an Alaskan Malamute (I will share this video here instead of my husky/malamute videos blog since it is more about the 2 basset hounds instead of the malamute, though he does make a few appearances throughout the video).  My guess is that the poster set up a web camera in the living room and was reviewing the footage after he got home (I wouldn't know the full story of course).

More comments:

You know, this video makes me wonder what my dogs do when they are home alone as well (namely Tucker the golden retriever, and Angel the bichon frise shih tzu).  Do they sleep most of the day?  Chew on things?  Cry/howl?  I know that Angel will bark and howl when left alone and Tucker is not around, as I noticed when going on a camping trip to the Sisters/Bend area in Oregon last week (for example, when we leave her in the camper to use the rest room at the campground we were at, we could hear her howling).  As for Tucker, I am not really sure, though he does seem to cry sometimes, as well as chew on things (such as socks).  Also, Tucker tends to get very hyper when me and other people in my family return home after being gone for a whole day, so he probably does get seperation anxiety when nobody is home.  Perhaps when I get the extra money, I should do what the poster in the above video did and "spy" on Tucker and Angel and see what they do when nobody is home. 

By the way, what do your dogs do when you are not home?  Have you made similar videos?  Please be sure to comment below.  Don't be shy people.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mishka the Husky says 12 words, a Must watch Video!

Can your dog do something like this? Here is a video shared with me by my brother, Brett on Bing videos about the famous Miskha the Husky saying 12 different words on various occasions. I\'ve seen dogs saying words like I love you , but I have never seen anything like this before. Check it out.


I have to admit that Mishka is very talented. I\'ve seen huskies and other dogs speaking before, but having a dog speaking up to 12 different words is a whole new level of talent for dogs. By the way, I\'ve tried to get my dogs to speak, but they won\'t do it for me, so this trick does not seem to work with all dogs. Some noteworthy phases includes: Obama, I love you, thank you, bye bye (and several others).

By the way, can your dog(s) do similar tricks? If so, feel free to share them.

Jack Russel Terrier performs random tricks, smart dog

Here is a video you all might like: a video about a Jack Russel Terrier performing various tricks

I have to admit that this dog is a pretty smart and talented dog.  I am not sure if my dogs would do the same tricks if I tried to get them to do them.  By the way, do your pets do similar tricks?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Siberian Huskies playing off leash video

Here is a random video I liked on Youtube, posted by Gonetosnowdogs about her two huskies playing off leash in her yard. And the huskies are enjoying every moment of their time off leash. Feel free to comment.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kitten vs. Watermelon (cute cat video)

I was browsing youtube videos today, and stumbled across this interesting video with a cat playing with a whole watermelon.


This video as well as several others come to show how cats can definately be wiered pets sometimes. I remember seeing in another video about how a cat seemed to freak out around what looked like a green apple, as well as another video a while back where 2 cats seem to "hate" a treadmill. Now, in this video, a cat seems to be very curious about this watemellon. I've never had a cat before, but they are definately interesting pets.


Chihuaua humps a husky, a WTF moment you should watch

Here is a nice wtf moment. I was watching videos about siberian huskies on StupidVideos.com and stumbled across this video that you don\'t see every day.


Now, you don\'t see things like this every day, a small dog trying to hump a big dog (though I do remember seeing a similar video with a pomeranian trying to do the same thing with a big dog too). One thing I noticed about this video too is that the husky does not seem to mind being humped (as embarrasing the video probably is for him/her) and the chihuaua goes for at least a minute here too. By the way, my dogs do have a small dog / big dog relationship too (a shih tzu and a golden retriever), though they have more of brother/sister relationship than anything else.

Have you seen any similar wtf moments? Feel free to share your experiences. By the way, do you like these videos and blog entries? Be sure to share this post using the book mark widget below. Also, I would appreciate it if you take some time to visit my sponsors as ad revenue would encourage me to post alot more often here and could help cover the costs of running sites like this one.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tucker goes for a swim video

Here is the latest video of my dog, Tucker as he goes for a swim at Perrygain Lake St Park. This was actually the first camping trip he came on with my family (he stayed behind during my camping trip to Priest Lake last year since he was not well behaved enough to go that time).

So, what do you all think of this video?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kitten afraid of green apples, funny video!

Here is a bizarre video you don't see every day.  In the video, a kitten acts very strangely around what looks like 2 apples on a bed (at least I think they are apples).  I've never seen anything like this before.  By the way, do any of your pets have similar issues?  By the way, I like the background music in the video.  Makes the whole thing dramatized.  Now, this is what I call a scaredy cat:

Artic Fox video compilation

Here is a cute video I found about artic foxes. Check it out below

We don't get arctic foxes here in Washington State (at least outside zoos), but we do get lots of coyotes and some grey foxes and red foxes (though you are far more likely to see a coyote than a fox in the wild, at least in my experience).  What do you think of foxes?  By the way, have videos you want to share?  Feel free to contribute.  Email videos to me at ryansjones@hotmail.com

Foul Mouthed parrot 2, Call of Duty style

Here is another video I stumbled across on youtube involving a foul mouthed parrot.  This time, apparently someone was playing one of the Call of Duty games (Modern Warfare 2?) and got a little frustrated (at least that is my theory, don't know the full story behind this).  Unfortunately for him, his parrot was close by, and this video is the result.  Note: I don't know the whole story behind this fould mouthed bird, but I've seen how some people can get agitated when playing games like this and with parrots close by, it helps to be mindful of what you say around them in case if they decide to mimick your words.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky fighting over a ball

Here is an interesting video I stumbled across on youtube. In this video, the person taking the video hid a ball under the red hamper and natuarally, the golden retriever, Meadow tries to get it. Eventually, the other dog (a siberian husky), Maya decides to go for it too and Meadow decides to snap at the husky. Meadow reminds me a bit of my golden retriever, Tucker as he too tends to be very posessive of his balls (he usually chases after lacross balls and tennis balls) and I do remember at least one incident where he snapped at another dog (a havanese) when he tried to take it. Even when throwing the ball for him, Tucker will sometimes grab the ball when you try to pick it up to throw for him. Not sure if it is a normal golden retriever thing or not. Though, I am glad that the husky did not really get hurt.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Close Encounters of the Giant Kind

In this video, posted by NationalGeographic, a huge Right Whale gets a little too close for comfort to the diver featured in the video, giving him a good scare (though the right whale didn't seem to mean the diver any harm). By the way, when I went to Alaska last summer, I remember hearing about some of the whales feeding close to where the whale watching boats were too and some of them got a little too close for comfort there too (note: I wasn't on that excursion, but those were the rumors I heard). By the way, what would you do if you were in this man's situation?

bad dolphin

Here is another funny video I stumbled across on. This time it involves a dolphin being a little too friendly with the swimmer in the video

Stupid Girl Gets Bit By A Horse

Here is a somewhat funny video I stumbled across on youtube about a girl playing with a horse and the horse decides to nip her in the back. Kind of funny

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Your contributions are needed

Hey guys, do any of you have videos, articles, stories, etc you want to share?  Whether it is the trip to the zoo, aquarioum, getting a new puppy, or anything animal related, I would be happy to share it here.  If you are interested, either leave a comment or pm me and I would be happy to share it.

Types of videos I take:
- pets (note: if you have a video about huskies or malamutes you want to share, you can submit it at my other blog)
- farm animals
- trips to the zoo
- trips to the fair
- horse shows
- video clips from tv shows and films (assuming you have the right to post it)
- cryptozoology (such as alleged bigfoot videos)
- Whale watching expeditions
- Fishing
- Petting zoos
- and similar videos.

Don't be shy people.  I want to make this blog as interactive as possible and I am sure you have videos you want to share.  By the way, if you have youtube videos, you do realize that you can get some extra traffic to your video if I share it (which can be useful if you are trying to qualify for the ad revenue sharing feature they offer when your video gets enough hits each month).  Anyways, I thought that I would open this blog up to you all and see if you have videos you want to share.

A Coyote gets a little too close for comfort

Hey guys, check this out. I was looking up coyote sightings on youtube (had 2 sightings myself recently near a dog park in Lake Stevens, WA) and stumbled across this video taken from some guy somewhere in Northern Canada (not sure where exactly). In the video, a coyote gets a little too close for comfort and starts pestering the guy in the video, though he was able to fend off the coyote. A bit freaky if you ask me. Luckily, usually coyotes will run away when they see you.  On a positive note, the coyote seemed to be more curious and playful than ferocious.  By the way, at least the guy only encountered a coyote over something much more fierce, like a wolf, bear or a couger.  I remember going up to Alaska last summer on a cruise and while my family was hiking around the mendenhall glacier near Juneau, we had a black bear sighting along one of the trails (a mother bear and her cub).  Though I do have to admire this guy's bravery in the video as coyotes can be intimidating as well.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funny Bud Light beer commercial - Good Dog

Here is an amazing feat. In this budlight commercial, a man has his border collie to retrieve a bottle of beer from a cooler by the house. Personally, that dog is pretty smart. I've never seen a dog doing something like that before.

San Diego Zoo

I was watching this documentary about the San Diego zoo on youtube. I am thinking about checking out the San Diego zoo myself someday, though currently I don't have any plans to visit Southern California anytime soon (I am from the Seattle area by the way, which is a long ways from San Diego).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My "Tucker Steals a Piece of Bread" video is starting to attract attention as well as trolls

Here is another video I have posted on youtube about a year ago about me teasing my dog with a piece of bread:

I was a little bored and thought that it would be funny to tease my golden retriever, Tucker with a piece of bread.  And naturally, he ends up taking it from me and eats the bread.  By the way, I noticed that the video is starting to attact internet trolls (or those people who like to write inflamatory comments).  Here are some of the comments I've been getting:
a dog isn't "stealing bread" if you give it to him, that's lame

  • @kittydog313 well, I was just trying to be funny. Some of you people are way too up tight about things like this. It's not like I gave him chocolate or anything that might make him sick.
    Is there something wrong with you? You don't quite seem all there...

    • @trebligb I was filming this video in first person view, so that is why you did not see me in the video. BTW, I am surethat other people have given their dogs treats like bread.

    • Top Comments

      • hey ryanstucker, are you chum-lee from pawn stars by any chance?
      see all

      @Bobbysboy Dude he does sound like Chum-Lee!

      • so cute!
      • I don't get the humor here, but maybe I'm in a bad mood.
      • Leave the guy alone , jeez....he's just playing around with his dog. It may not be funny to some, but when it's your dog, you may find it funny.
      • awwww so cute lol nice house btw

      It is funny how some people can be so uptight about things like teasing dog with foods or drinks (I suppose that is a part of the politically correct world we live in, where people can take offense to even the slightest things).  By the way, if you ever post on youtube (or similar sites) you will likely attract trolls too over time. In fact, another series of video I posted a while back was on Contra 3, I was in college and had an emulator with contra 3 on it, and I decided to take a video of me playing through Contra 3 using cheats (in part to show the game in the perspective of an average player playing through the game (in contrast to videos where you get an expert that can beat games like this with little or no deaths or game overs) and it too has attracted trolls as well, that bash on me for cheating (probably people who think games like Contra 3 are easy), though at the time, I was in college and was playing the game via a thumbdrive I had in the library on campus (they didn't have any rules against playing games), while on a study break, so I didn't really have time to practice of course.  By the way, giving a dog bread is pretty mild in comparison to other things (I've seen videos of people giving their pets other things too, like beer, chocalate and other stuff).

      So have you posted videos like this before?  Also, have you posted videos that are likely to attract trolls?

      Thursday, April 21, 2011

      Golden Retriever puppy attacks Mirror

      For my latest post, I thought that I would share with you a funny video about a golden retrieve trying to attack his reflection in the mirror. It is funny how dogs think that they are seeing "another dog" when they see themselves in a mirror. By the way, I have tried this with Tucker (my dog) but he seems to have figured it out.

      Do you have videos of your dogs playing with their reflection? If so, I would love to see it. Feel free to share it

      Friday, April 15, 2011

      Checked out the Willis Tucker dog park near Snohomish, WA

      As you probably know, the last two videos I posted of Tucker playing at a dog park, they took place at the Lowell dog park just south of downtown Everett.  However, today I decided to scout out another dog park in the area: Willis Tucker dog park.  Unlike the one in Everett, the Willis Tucker one is alot bigger than the first one.  There are actually two areas there: 1) a small area near the parking lot, and 2) there is a much bigger area that is connected by a trail. 

      One thing I noticed about the willis tucker park is that there were alot more big dogs at the park (you get less of them at the other one), and when I was there, there was a great dane, a sheep dog, an alaskan malamute (at first I thought she was a husky, but it turned out she was a malamute), a mastiff, a few lab mixes, and several other kinds of dogs.  I am going to try to take Tucker there next week sometime and bring my flip camera when I do.  Will have to see how it goes.  I would go tomorrow, but I am helping out with a volunteer event at Kohl's, plus it is supposed to rain most of this weekend, and I prefer to go there when it is sunny.

      The Kids ABC's At The Zoo

      Here is another video I liked.

      Polar bears and dogs playing

      I found this video to be pretty impressive how the sled dogs and polar bear seems to be getting along, especially considering that a polar bear could eat one of the dogs if it wanted to. Here in Washington, we don't get Polar Bears, but we do get black bears (possibly grizzly bears in some areas, especially in the Cascades), cougars, possibly wolves (especially in eastern, Washington) and coyotes (you do see them sometimes, especially in the summer), and they can pose a threat to dogs, especially small ones.

      Alaska Cruise Highlights

      Thursday, April 14, 2011

      Tucker at a dog park near Everett, WA

      In these two videos, I took Tucker (the golden retriever) to a dog park near Everett (the one off of Lowell Larimer Road just south of Downtown Everett).  I've started taking him to the dog park periodically so that he can get more socialized with other dogs and to get some exercise.  In these two videos, he met some of the other dogs there, including a Lab, a chow, a border collie, a siberian husky, and several other dogs.  I've been meaning to take him there more often, but it has been raining alot lately (probably because of the La Nina stuff), so opportunities have been limited

      Tuesday, April 5, 2011

      New post from my husky/malamute videos blog

      Latest post on my husky/malamute videos blog:
      I thought that I would share this article with you all since there are some dogs and cats up for adption at a shelter in Georgia that may be euthanised if they are not adopted in time, so I thought that I would pass the post on to my readers in case if any of you want one of the dogs/cats up for adoption.

      Sunday, April 3, 2011

      Swearing Parrot Video...Funny stuff

      Hey everybody, I was watching the show, Bad Dog on Animal Planet today (which is a show with clips of pets doing naugty things, and I found a funny clip about swearing parrots and I found a similar clip on youtube).  Here it is:

      There seem to be several similar videos on youtube, but this one struck me the most.  A guy is talking to his parrot and the bird starts cussing (one word sounds like "shut the &*&*^*& up").  Very funny video.  So what do you think of this video?

      Saturday, April 2, 2011

      Giraffe Tongue... Lol

      I think that it is time to share a video featuring a giraffe.  A lady is visiting a giraffe exhibit at the Cheyenne Moutnain Zoo and she gets licked in the face by a giraffe when she feeds it.  I want to feed a giraffe some day myself.  They have an exhibit like that at the Woodland Park Zoo, but it is $5 to do and when I did it, they usually just give you a stick that you feed to it.  Awesome video.

      Cat Talking Trash

      Ah, its' been a while since my last post here (I've been focusing more on the Husky Videos blog lately, though I will try to make at least 1 or 2 posts a week here when possible.)  Anyways, this video is pretty funny, though twisted too.  As the guy is in the room, he senses that he is being "watched" and notices his cat looking at him, and so he decides to trash talk his cat.  I thought that this was pretty funny.  By the way, do you ever trash talk your pets?

      Sunday, March 20, 2011

      Watch videos about huskies and malamutes here! - Mishka the Husky plays with her little stepsister - http://instantblogsubscribers.com/vip/ryansjones

      Watch videos about huskies and malamutes here! - Mishka the Husky plays with her little stepsister - http://instantblogsubscribers.com/vip/ryansjones

      I just shared the video of Mishka the Husky playing with her little "sister" Laika. You can read more about the post at the other blog. BTW, my husky and malamute videos blog is a sub blog of this blog that focuses almost exclusively on huskies and malamutes. Contributions are welcome too, so if you have videos you want to share relating to the blog, I would be happy to do so. By the way, please be sure to share it with others. Your support is appreciated and will encourage me to share alot more videos.

      Thursday, March 17, 2011

      Golden Retriever on a tredmill

      Golden Retriever on Tredmill

      I was reviewing some of the videos I've posted on youtube today, and I stumbled across this interesting video about another golden retriever trying to run on a tredmill:

      Personally, I've never tried this with my dog (I also have a golden retriever), but I'd be tempted to see how he does on the tredmill.  By the way, the dog seemed to be struggling a bit (probably since the belt was moving rather fast).  So what do you think about this video?

      Saturday, February 12, 2011

      Tucker the Golden Reciever

      Here is the latest video I just posted on youtube: Tucker the Golden Receiever. I was watching the movie, Snow Buddies recently, which is one of the sequels to "Airbud" where 5 golden retriever puppies wind up in Alaska and take part in a sled dog race after meeting up with a siberian/alaskan husky named Shasta (he actually looked more like a siberian husky to me, see my other video, "Alaskan Huskies" to see what alaskan huskies look like to see what I mean), and decided to see if Tucker (my golden retriever) has any "Air Bud" in him, and so I threw a small football for him. Of course, he was able to fetch the football and bring it back. BTW, my other dog, Angel (a shih tzu) was chasing after the ball too, though Tucker was obviously too fast for Angel.

      So do you have any similar videos to share?

      Friday, January 14, 2011

      Connect with me at the Daily Puppy

      Just out of curiousity, are there any dog owners here?  If you have a dog and want to connect at the Daily Puppy, you can connect with me at http://www.dailypuppy.com/member/b8b99b6492.  The site is a social networking site geared towards dog owners and can be a good place where you can show off your dogs and puppies.  They also have services where you can set a dog up for adoption too (if you are trying to sell your dogs of course).  Thought that I would share it.

      Wednesday, January 12, 2011

      Dog Plays the Piano and Sings

      Hey everybody, check this out.  I was checking out some of the videos at StupidVideos.com and stumbled across this cute video about a bichon frise playing the piano while "singing" at the same time.  He seems to be by himself and is probably bored, so I suppose singing to music is how he entertains himself. 

      Comments anyone?  BTW, have a similar video you want to share?  Feel free to let me know.

      Tuesday, January 11, 2011

      *Nintendogs Dachshund and Friends Review*

      Ever wondered what it would be like to raise a virtual dog? I was watching this video about a lady (posted by Yzushinaze) on youtube playing Nintendogs (the Dauchand verson). I'd get nintendogs myself, but might get it some day (though I currently don't have a Nintendo DS), and plust I do have 2 real life dogs (it would be interesting though, trying to raise both a virtual dog and a real dog at the same time). BTW, in nintendogs, there are plenty of breeds featured, and in this one, you can either play as a Dachshund or a Siberian husky.

      Btw, have videos you want to share about your experience with nintendogs? Feel free to pm me.

      Saturday, January 8, 2011

      Alligator in the Sewer Video

      Here is a short viral video I stumbled across on Stupid Videos you might like: a video about an alligator in the sewers with one heading straight for the camera.  Video posted by anonymous.

      I think the camera person must have had a suprise when he saw the alligator coming for the camera.  BTW, this video seems to confirm the theory that some alligators do live in sewers in various locations (not sure where this was filmed though)

      Friday, January 7, 2011

      Valentines Day Red Tail Fox in Westerville Ohio

      I think that it is time I start showcasing more videos about wild animals. In this video, you see a fox playing inthe snow near Westerville Ohio. Posted by wdiederich on youtube.

      I haven't seen a fox lately here in Washington, but I remember when living in Illinois, red foxes were somewhat common (along with coyotes). Between you and me, I think that the fox is enjoying the snow. Feel free to share your thoughts.


      Now, this is a sight you do not see everyday: a pitbull playing with a racoon. Be sure to share you thoughts about this video. This video was posted by 1015bnb

      STUBBORN DOG: A Walk in the Wrong Direction

      I was viewing threads on a pet lovers forum I am a part of at www.petlovers.com (my screen name is ryansjones) and I found a link to this interesting youtube video. In the video, you see a man trying to walk his dog, but the dog does not seem to be interested in cooperating. I thought that the video was pretty funny, though I feel a little sorry for the owner since all he is trying to do is to take the dog for a walk. Anyways, enjoy the video.

      Thursday, January 6, 2011

      Wildboyz Trailer

      Here is an interesting video I stumbled across on at Youtube, posted by ALBAVIDEOS about Wildboyz.

      Commentary: I have to admit that watching Wildboyz is a guilty pleasure of mine, since sometimes I will watch the show on MTV (btw, other guilty pleasures of mine includes watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Borat, the Ali G Show, Jackass, as well as MTV Cribs). Anyways, Wildboyz is a reality TV show on MTV about these guys going to different countries and trying insane stunts around animals. Anyways, feel free to share your thoughts about Wildboyz.

      Tuesday, January 4, 2011

      Created a blog devoted to huskies, malamutes and samoyeds

      Hey everyone, just FYI, lately, I have been posting a bunch of videos about huskies and malamutes, and to avoid oversaturating this blog on those kinds of dogs, I have decided to create an alternate blog all about them.  I may still share a video or two every now and then about those kinds of dogs, but most of them will go on the other blog (as this blog is more of a general blog about animal-related videos).  BTW, do you have a video about your husky/malamute/samoyed you want to share?  I'd be happy to host it on my other blog.

      Picture of me petting a siberian husky while up in Ketchikan Alaska.  One of the excursion tour guides had a siberian husky with her (though my family ended up just doing our own think in Ketchikan).

      You can view my new blog at http://instantblogsubscribers.com/entry.php?w=huskies&e_id=66989

      Monday, January 3, 2011

      Puppy Bowl IV

      I was watching some of the videos about Puppy Video on youtube (watched Puppy Bowl 3 on tv earlier) and stumbled across this video about a big malamute puppy playing with a bunch of smaller dogs.  This reminds me about a similar match up in Puppy Bowl 3, where they included 3 samoyeds into the mix, and were quite big an fluffy (at first they seemed to be a bit shy, but loved to wrestle with the golden retriever puppy on the show).  Puppy bowl is an interesting show in Animal Planet about puppies playing with each other, with a football theme to it (though they don't really play football), with one person doing the narrating, at least one person reffing, as well as other elements.  For the half time shows, they usually show kittens playing as well (while the dogs are taking a little break).  BTW, it appears most of the dogs and cats featured are adoptable, in case if any of you are looking for dogs or cats to adopt (I'd adopt the malamute, but don't have the money for one).  Anyways, I thought that I would share this with you all and see what your thoughts are on Puppy bowl.