Mishka the Husky says 12 words, a Must watch Video!

Can your dog do something like this? Here is a video shared with me by my brother, Brett on Bing videos about the famous Miskha the Husky saying 12 different words on various occasions. I\'ve seen dogs saying words like I love you , but I have never seen anything like this before. Check it out.


I have to admit that Mishka is very talented. I\'ve seen huskies and other dogs speaking before, but having a dog speaking up to 12 different words is a whole new level of talent for dogs. By the way, I\'ve tried to get my dogs to speak, but they won\'t do it for me, so this trick does not seem to work with all dogs. Some noteworthy phases includes: Obama, I love you, thank you, bye bye (and several others).

By the way, can your dog(s) do similar tricks? If so, feel free to share them.