Tucker the Golden Reciever

Here is the latest video I just posted on youtube: Tucker the Golden Receiever. I was watching the movie, Snow Buddies recently, which is one of the sequels to "Airbud" where 5 golden retriever puppies wind up in Alaska and take part in a sled dog race after meeting up with a siberian/alaskan husky named Shasta (he actually looked more like a siberian husky to me, see my other video, "Alaskan Huskies" to see what alaskan huskies look like to see what I mean), and decided to see if Tucker (my golden retriever) has any "Air Bud" in him, and so I threw a small football for him. Of course, he was able to fetch the football and bring it back. BTW, my other dog, Angel (a shih tzu) was chasing after the ball too, though Tucker was obviously too fast for Angel.

So do you have any similar videos to share?