Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky fighting over a ball

Here is an interesting video I stumbled across on youtube. In this video, the person taking the video hid a ball under the red hamper and natuarally, the golden retriever, Meadow tries to get it. Eventually, the other dog (a siberian husky), Maya decides to go for it too and Meadow decides to snap at the husky. Meadow reminds me a bit of my golden retriever, Tucker as he too tends to be very posessive of his balls (he usually chases after lacross balls and tennis balls) and I do remember at least one incident where he snapped at another dog (a havanese) when he tried to take it. Even when throwing the ball for him, Tucker will sometimes grab the ball when you try to pick it up to throw for him. Not sure if it is a normal golden retriever thing or not. Though, I am glad that the husky did not really get hurt.