Huskies, Sasha, Zoey, Gizmo and Raymin just chillin

Here is short video about a pack of four huskies: Sasha, Zoey, Gizmo, and Raymin chillin on a sofa that you might like


Aw, isn\'t that cute, four huskies just chillin on a sofa? I\'ve seen how big dogs will lie down on furniture when given an opportunity (my golden retriever does this sometimes too), probably because they don\'t like lying down on the hard floor. By the way, can\'t you imagine living with 4 huskies? That has got to be alot of huskies (though not as much huskies as I saw on a similar video about 7 husky puppies, which you can view on my other blog at The dogs all seem to get along pretty well too. Do you have videos of your dogs hanging out together? Feel free to share it.