Surprise! You have just gotten a new puppy, collection.

picture of angel

Tucker and Angel at Perrygain Lake State Park Near Winthrop, WA

Husky puppy scared of vaccum

Husky puppy irrational fear

Gift Wrapping a cat - funny video

Kyrvan hates his leash

Top 10 Animal Related Christmas / Winter themed movies to watch part 1 of 2

Nintendo Wii playing dog - funny stuff

Tucker Plays in the Sprinker and gets muddy - funny video.

Siberian Husky Puppy listening to Jingle Bells

Gray Whale Baleen - San Ignacio Lagoon

Kayakers get close-up look at blue whale

Incredible close encounter with a right whale

Fox Dives Headfirst Into Snow | North America

What is your dog breed profile?

Possible Bigfoot video - sasquatch holding a baby sasquatch

Tucker the Golden Retriever goes for a swim, must watch!!!

Angel the shih tzu at Priest Lake

Tucker and Angel playing in the snow

Pogo The Keel-billed Toucan

Snow Day for Mishka & Laika!

Deer Prancing (shared by Corey on Youtube)

Sports News - 3 - Air Bud VS. Pros (shared by Sam)

Cute cat and dog (shared by Alex on Youtube)

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Husky Puppy First Christmas Tree Happy Howlidays 2013

Animals vs Mirrors Compilation

Mavis the Cat

Siberian Husky hanging out by Starbucks in Whistler (non-video post)

Naughty Husky Opens Baby Gate!!!!

Funny Husky Compilation 2013

Alaskan Malamute way to wake you up, very funny

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Ultimate Funny Cats Compilation 2013 | Cat MEOW!

Cats Compilation video. Funny and cute at the same time

Looking for good places to take pictures or videos of animals? Consider attending a fair.

Best friends...starring a cat and a golden retriever

Wolves up close at the Woodland Park Zoo (blog exclusive)

Cat walks a dog literally

Bear cub and wolf pup playing at the Woodland Park Zoo

Moving to a new video host. Goodbye youtube

Tucker the Golden Retriever going for a swim at Perrygain Lake State park (blog exclusive)

Funny cats collection

Talking Kitty Cat - What's Christmas?

Feeding Giraffes at the Woodland Park Zoo (September 2012)

Parrot imitates "I Kissed A girl" song, pretty funny

How animals eat their food (video)

Parrot imitates Call of Duty players

Sports News - 3 - Air Bud VS. Pros (shared by Sam)

Cute cat and dog (shared by Alex)

Whales Surprise Surfer Near Santa Cruz, California Beach (VIDEO)

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What if dogs could talk? Tucker and Angel "talking" (posted by me)