Puppy Bowl IV

I was watching some of the videos about Puppy Video on youtube (watched Puppy Bowl 3 on tv earlier) and stumbled across this video about a big malamute puppy playing with a bunch of smaller dogs.  This reminds me about a similar match up in Puppy Bowl 3, where they included 3 samoyeds into the mix, and were quite big an fluffy (at first they seemed to be a bit shy, but loved to wrestle with the golden retriever puppy on the show).  Puppy bowl is an interesting show in Animal Planet about puppies playing with each other, with a football theme to it (though they don't really play football), with one person doing the narrating, at least one person reffing, as well as other elements.  For the half time shows, they usually show kittens playing as well (while the dogs are taking a little break).  BTW, it appears most of the dogs and cats featured are adoptable, in case if any of you are looking for dogs or cats to adopt (I'd adopt the malamute, but don't have the money for one).  Anyways, I thought that I would share this with you all and see what your thoughts are on Puppy bowl.