Created a blog devoted to huskies, malamutes and samoyeds

Hey everyone, just FYI, lately, I have been posting a bunch of videos about huskies and malamutes, and to avoid oversaturating this blog on those kinds of dogs, I have decided to create an alternate blog all about them.  I may still share a video or two every now and then about those kinds of dogs, but most of them will go on the other blog (as this blog is more of a general blog about animal-related videos).  BTW, do you have a video about your husky/malamute/samoyed you want to share?  I'd be happy to host it on my other blog.

Picture of me petting a siberian husky while up in Ketchikan Alaska.  One of the excursion tour guides had a siberian husky with her (though my family ended up just doing our own think in Ketchikan).

You can view my new blog at