A Coyote gets a little too close for comfort

Hey guys, check this out. I was looking up coyote sightings on youtube (had 2 sightings myself recently near a dog park in Lake Stevens, WA) and stumbled across this video taken from some guy somewhere in Northern Canada (not sure where exactly). In the video, a coyote gets a little too close for comfort and starts pestering the guy in the video, though he was able to fend off the coyote. A bit freaky if you ask me. Luckily, usually coyotes will run away when they see you.  On a positive note, the coyote seemed to be more curious and playful than ferocious.  By the way, at least the guy only encountered a coyote over something much more fierce, like a wolf, bear or a couger.  I remember going up to Alaska last summer on a cruise and while my family was hiking around the mendenhall glacier near Juneau, we had a black bear sighting along one of the trails (a mother bear and her cub).  Though I do have to admire this guy's bravery in the video as coyotes can be intimidating as well.