My "Tucker Steals a Piece of Bread" video is starting to attract attention as well as trolls

Here is another video I have posted on youtube about a year ago about me teasing my dog with a piece of bread:

I was a little bored and thought that it would be funny to tease my golden retriever, Tucker with a piece of bread.  And naturally, he ends up taking it from me and eats the bread.  By the way, I noticed that the video is starting to attact internet trolls (or those people who like to write inflamatory comments).  Here are some of the comments I've been getting:
a dog isn't "stealing bread" if you give it to him, that's lame

  • @kittydog313 well, I was just trying to be funny. Some of you people are way too up tight about things like this. It's not like I gave him chocolate or anything that might make him sick.
    Is there something wrong with you? You don't quite seem all there...

    • @trebligb I was filming this video in first person view, so that is why you did not see me in the video. BTW, I am surethat other people have given their dogs treats like bread.

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      • hey ryanstucker, are you chum-lee from pawn stars by any chance?
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      @Bobbysboy Dude he does sound like Chum-Lee!

      • so cute!
      • I don't get the humor here, but maybe I'm in a bad mood.
      • Leave the guy alone , jeez....he's just playing around with his dog. It may not be funny to some, but when it's your dog, you may find it funny.
      • awwww so cute lol nice house btw

      It is funny how some people can be so uptight about things like teasing dog with foods or drinks (I suppose that is a part of the politically correct world we live in, where people can take offense to even the slightest things).  By the way, if you ever post on youtube (or similar sites) you will likely attract trolls too over time. In fact, another series of video I posted a while back was on Contra 3, I was in college and had an emulator with contra 3 on it, and I decided to take a video of me playing through Contra 3 using cheats (in part to show the game in the perspective of an average player playing through the game (in contrast to videos where you get an expert that can beat games like this with little or no deaths or game overs) and it too has attracted trolls as well, that bash on me for cheating (probably people who think games like Contra 3 are easy), though at the time, I was in college and was playing the game via a thumbdrive I had in the library on campus (they didn't have any rules against playing games), while on a study break, so I didn't really have time to practice of course.  By the way, giving a dog bread is pretty mild in comparison to other things (I've seen videos of people giving their pets other things too, like beer, chocalate and other stuff).

      So have you posted videos like this before?  Also, have you posted videos that are likely to attract trolls?