What do your dogs do when you are not home?

Attention fellow dog owners, do you ever wonder what your pets do whenever they are home alone?  For example, when you are at work and nobody is home besides your dog(s).  I just saw this interesting video below about 3 different dogs when nobody is home, including 2 basset hounds and an Alaskan Malamute (I will share this video here instead of my husky/malamute videos blog since it is more about the 2 basset hounds instead of the malamute, though he does make a few appearances throughout the video).  My guess is that the poster set up a web camera in the living room and was reviewing the footage after he got home (I wouldn't know the full story of course).

More comments:

You know, this video makes me wonder what my dogs do when they are home alone as well (namely Tucker the golden retriever, and Angel the bichon frise shih tzu).  Do they sleep most of the day?  Chew on things?  Cry/howl?  I know that Angel will bark and howl when left alone and Tucker is not around, as I noticed when going on a camping trip to the Sisters/Bend area in Oregon last week (for example, when we leave her in the camper to use the rest room at the campground we were at, we could hear her howling).  As for Tucker, I am not really sure, though he does seem to cry sometimes, as well as chew on things (such as socks).  Also, Tucker tends to get very hyper when me and other people in my family return home after being gone for a whole day, so he probably does get seperation anxiety when nobody is home.  Perhaps when I get the extra money, I should do what the poster in the above video did and "spy" on Tucker and Angel and see what they do when nobody is home. 

By the way, what do your dogs do when you are not home?  Have you made similar videos?  Please be sure to comment below.  Don't be shy people.