Your contributions are needed

Hey guys, do any of you have videos, articles, stories, etc you want to share?  Whether it is the trip to the zoo, aquarioum, getting a new puppy, or anything animal related, I would be happy to share it here.  If you are interested, either leave a comment or pm me and I would be happy to share it.

Types of videos I take:
- pets (note: if you have a video about huskies or malamutes you want to share, you can submit it at my other blog)
- farm animals
- trips to the zoo
- trips to the fair
- horse shows
- video clips from tv shows and films (assuming you have the right to post it)
- cryptozoology (such as alleged bigfoot videos)
- Whale watching expeditions
- Fishing
- Petting zoos
- and similar videos.

Don't be shy people.  I want to make this blog as interactive as possible and I am sure you have videos you want to share.  By the way, if you have youtube videos, you do realize that you can get some extra traffic to your video if I share it (which can be useful if you are trying to qualify for the ad revenue sharing feature they offer when your video gets enough hits each month).  Anyways, I thought that I would open this blog up to you all and see if you have videos you want to share.