Laika and Moki swimming after sticks in the water (golden retriever impression)

Aw, you guys are shy (in regards to the last post). Ah well, considering that nobody has responded to my last post (requesting you guys to share videos), I guess I will be the one sharing videos for now (based on ones I like). Also, since nobody has responded to my offer to share ad royalties on videos, I will assume that I get 100% of the ad revenue from this blog for now (hey, I offered it and nobody responded, so its your loss). Anyways, I think that it is time for another video, and for today\'s video, I decided to share a video about Laika the Husky (Mishka\'s sister ) and her sister Moki fetching sticks in the water. Here it is:

Comments about this video:

I found this video to be pretty cute and interesting. I like how Laika seems to take after a typical retriever (such as a lab like Moki) and goes to fetch a stick when the cameraman threw it in the water. She is fast too as she easily beat Moki to the punch (comes to show how fast huskies can move). By the way, you don\'t always see this in huskies. I remember when I was a the Lowell dog park with my dog near Everett a few months ago, I saw a black and white husky there (named Kemo) and I tried throwing a ball for him, but he would not go after it, and so I am not sure if they all take after retrievers. By the way, it appears that most of these videos take place in the New York City area, and I like the suburban feel to this video. By the way, can your dogs do something like this? Don\'t be shy people. Also, please be sure to share this post with others.

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