Best friends...starring a cat and a golden retriever

Here is a touching video I found that you all might like.  It is about a golden retriever and a cat hanging out together like they are best friends.  I don't know about you, but I found this video to be pretty cute and you don't see this everyday.  I have a golden retriever too, but he has not been socialized with cats, so he would likely chase them if he saw one.  By the way, in case if you did not read the last post I made, in case if you don't know, I fell victim to false flagging (reminds me a bit about how it is on craigslist where you can post a legitimate ad (for example, maybe you are trying to sell something or you are promoting a business you are a part of) there only to have some jerk flag it) on Youtube last week (it sucks I know: two of the videos I had were unfairly flagged as "inappropriate" even though they weren't, and I now have two strikes against my account, which means that any more strikes could cause me to lose my account, though let's pray that never happens).  Anyways, I think for the time being, StupidVideos will likely be my new primary video host for now.  Stupid Videos is similar to youtube with lots of cool videos to watch (it is a bit smaller than youtube) but there are lots of videos to watch there too, and plus you they don't have a flagging problem like Youtube does either (which is nice of course as you never have to worry about trolls flagging your videos like you do on Youtube).  Now with ranting aside, here is a video you might like about a cat and golden retriever playing.  Isn't that adorable?