Incredible close encounter with a right whale

I bet you don't see videos like this one everyday.  In this video, a diver is swimming in the ocean somewhere (I am assuming the pacific ocean) and literally has a close encounter with a huge right whale.  This creature is huge but doesn't seem to mind the diver's presence as the whale seems to swim around the diver.

My  comments about this video:
I live close to the ocean myself  (Puget sound area) but I've never really had any close encounter with whales.  I remember seeing some orcas and humpbacks during the cruise to Alaska back in 2010 as well as seeing the ocassional porposes and minke whales in the Puget sound area, but I have never gotten close to a whale before like the diver does (though I have heard that some of the whales come close to the ships in some of the whale watching excursions in Alaska, though I didn't go on those excursions).  The experience had got to be very humbling for the guy given the massive size the creature is in comparison to the diver.  Have you ever seen an animal like this one up close and personal before?  On second thought, I do remember seeing a friendly dolphin once when I was a kid.  One time I went on a road trip to Florida my family (I used to have a grandfather that lived there before he passed away more than 20 years ago), and looking at some of the pictures from one of the trips, I remember going to some restaurant near Tampa and out on the docks near the restaurant there were some friendly bottlenosed dolphins hanging around close by (visitors could even pet the dolphins too).  Though obviously I was only a kid when I saw it but it was pretty impressive to see (especially considering that I haven't been to Florida since moving to Washington State back in 1994).