Surprise! You have just gotten a new puppy, collection.

How would you like to get a new puppy for Christmas?  In this blog post is a collection of people (mostly kids) that have gotten new puppies for Christmas as surprise gifts.  Check these videos out

Well, another Christmas has come and gone and 2014 is only 5 days away (at least at the time of this post).  If you are like most people here in America (and many countries around the globe), I am assuming you have opened presents on Christmas morning (which was Wednesday this year) and enjoyed the gifts you got from family and friends.  I got a few nice new things myself, including a new Samsung Galaxy phone (I have another one, but the batteries seem to be going bad in it), Dell Tablet (similar to the Microsoft Surface), Minecraft for the Xbox 360 and Grand Theft Auto China Town Wars (this list can go on).  Anyways, on to the topic of this post, have any of you been surprised with a new puppy (or kitten for that matter, though I can talk about that in another post)?  If so, is it the breed you wanted?  Were you surprised when you got your new puppy?  I've never been surprised with a puppy myself, but I have had several dogs myself over the years (currently I have a golden retriever and a bichon fries shih Tzu, though techinically I also have a st Charles caviler dog too, though he belongs to my brother Brett and his girlfriend Jocelyn). Of course, I was with my family when we got each of our dogs.  For Angel, (the bichon frise shih Tzu), we bought here from some of our family friends (Suzanne Hund) who were breeding their dogs at the time.  For Tucker, I was there when we picked him up from a breeder my father new (in fact, we almost wound up with 2 golden retrievers that day, though Tucker was definitely a handful and 2 goldens may have been too much for us, especially considering that we also had Angel too). 

Anyways, I have seen several videos on youtube about people getting surprised by puppies at Christmas time (or birthdays for that matter too).  And here are several videos I have found that are worth sharing.


Video 1 - Xmas Puppies - Reaction video (posted by Mike Middlebrooks on Youtube)

This video seems to have been taken about a week before Christmas and this video, the kids came home from school (was probably the last day of school before Christmas break) and were surprised by 2 new Siberian husky puppies (btw, the person filming showed the 2 puppies before putting them  in the box).  I like how the kids reacted when they saw that they had 2 new puppies.  By the way, I bet you don't see surprises like this one every day.  I've been considering getting a husky myself someday but having my parents surprise me with new husky puppies seems unlikely (especially considering that we have 2 dogs already), plus nobody else in the family seems to be interested in getting a husky, so I don't really see myself getting one anytime soon (maybe if I had a lot of money and had my own place, I might consider it more seriously).  Anyways, I bet the kids were pretty happy about getting their new dogs.  On the flipside, I am sure the 2 huskies will definitely be a handful for the family considering that huskies have lots of energy and all.

Video 2 - Girls getting surprised with a new yorkie puppy (I think it is a yorkie).  Posted by Holly Kamal on Youtube.

Here is a cute video.  You get some random young girls playing a game on the Nintendo wii (I have no idea what their names are).  Anyways, apparently at least one of them wanted a new Yorkie puppy (apparently they had another one, but it may have passed away and now she wanted a new one).  Anyways, the father walks into the room holding a puppy in his arm (presumably a Yorkie puppy, though I don't know for sure if that is a yorkie or not).  Anyways, I like how the girls get all emotional when they see they have gotten a new puppy.


Video 3 - Baby Husky Christmas Surprise - posted by angelacostales on YouTube.  Note: if you don't know what to look for, pay attention to the "bump" in the older guy's shirt (I won't spoil it for you)

I just liked the look on the kid's face.  Apparently he wanted a new puppy, and at first it looked like he wasn't going to get one.  However when he got picked up from school by his father (I am assuming the older guy is the kid's father), it turns out his father was holding a female Siberian husky puppy under his shirt.  Apparently the kid thought that the puppy was a cat at first, but obviously it turned out to be a puppy instead.  Can't you imagine your parents suprising you with a puppy like that too? 

Video 4 - McKenna's Christmas Puppy Surprise (she gets a golden retriever puppy).  Posted by jralston11 on youtube.

Considering that I have a golden retriever myself, I think it is only fitting to share a video of someone getting a golden retriever puppy for Christmas and in this video, there is a girl (I am assuming her name is McKenna) opening presents and soon she learns that she just got a new golden retriever puppy.  I liked how she got all emotional when the puppy first appeared and how she was holding the puppy.  Remember, I was there with my family when we got Tucker (our golden retriever) back in 2007, but McKenna was definitely in for a surprise when she got her puppy.  Note: the parents don't really make a formal appearance in the video so I don't know who they are.


Video 5 - Natalie's Christmas Day Surprise - posted by Blebsie on Youtube

Ah, there are so many videos to choose from, but this one caught my attention.  It is one thing to get a puppy by the Christmas tree, in this video, Natalie's new puppy gets delivered right to her doorstep.  I am not really sure what kind of breed the puppy is (some white dog) but Natalie seemed to be pretty pleased to get her new puppy (to say the least).  Reminds me a bit of what you might see on May Day (May 1) in popular culture where people get special deliveries at their doorstep. 

There are so many different videos of people getting surprised with puppies for Christmas (as well as other occasions for that matter) but this list would be extremely long if I listed them all.  You can find more on youtube and other video sites.


Bonus Clip 1 - Random people getting puppies for Christmas Compilation video 2013 (posted by EMRE AYDIN) on YouTube.  Here is a video someone posted about random people getting different puppies for Christmas (multiple breeds too).

Bonus Clip 2 - Last but not least, Snow Dogs the Movie trailer

I was originally planning to show a clip from the movie where Ted first meets Nana (the border collie) along with the 7 Siberian huskies in his deceased mother's cabin, but I can't find it on Youtube, so a trailer will have to do (btw, you can always buy the full movie on too).  Anyways, in this movie, Ted Brooks (the movie's protagonist) is in for a huge surprise that utterly changes the course of his life.  Initially he starts out as a dentist and lives a seemingly normal and confortable life in Miami Florida not knowing that his biological parents (Lucy and James Johnson) were in Toketna Alaska (Talkeetna?) .  However, Lucy dies towards the beginning of the movie (the movie doesn't elaborate on the backstory between Lucy and James Johnson), and Ted is in for a huge surprise when he is summoned to Alaska to collect on Lucy's will for Ted as he goes from having no dogs (in fact apparently he did not like dogs at the beginning) to not only getting a border collie, but also 7 Siberian huskies, including an unusually aggressive one named Demon (btw, aggressive huskies like the ones in Snow Dogs, are not normal and seem to be extremely rare in my experience with them as most huskies are friendly around people, including complete strangers).  Anyways, I won't get into the whole story of the movie, but can't you imagine what it must have been like for Ted's character?  You go from living a seemingly comfortable lifestyle in a very warm climate (Miami, Florida) to living in some small town in Alaska (which has a much colder climate on average) and not having any dogs to getting 8 of them (and having a border collie along with 8 fully grown huskies has got to be a huge handful to live with, especially when at least one of them don't seem to like you very much).  Eventually, the dogs warm up to Ted (including Demon) and he forms a dogsled team, but I can't imagine the magnitude of the change in lifestyle for Ted.

Well, that is all for this post.  Did you like this article?  Have you ever gotten a puppy for Christmas as a surprised gift?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

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