Looking for good places to take pictures or videos of animals? Consider attending a fair.

Ah, it is late August (this summer is going by fast in my opinion), and you know what that means: it is Fair Season (at least in most places).   In my neck of the woods, the Evergreen State Fair (in Monroe) has started up today and is supposed to run through Labor Day Weekend.   Did you know that fairs are often filled with animals just waiting to get their pictures or videos taken?  There are all sorts of cute animals to take pictures or photos of, including:
1. Dogs (assuming your fair has a dog show exhibit)
2. Cats
3. Pigs (swine)
4. Rabbits
5. Chickens
6. Geese and Ducks
7. Horses.  The evergreen state fair actually has several stables filled with horses
8. Cows
9. Sheeps
10. Goats
11.  Many of them have baby animals too like baby horses, lambs, calves, pigglets, puppies, kittens, and chicks. 
12. Sometimes exotic animals too (like reptiles, the camel video below, etc).

Here are some of the videos I have taken at fairs (partial list):

1. Camel at the Puyallup fair - yes I was there on the weekend when they had the "animals of the world" exhibit that usually takes place late September (I think they usually only have it during the last 2 weeks of the fair if I am not mistaken).

2. Siberian Husky and Bernese Mountain Dog at the Evergreen State fair (by the way, I think I have at least 2 other videos of this same dog

3. Samoyed being showed off at the Evergreen State Fair - in this video a Samoyed was being presented at one of the dog show events the fair was putting on

I also went to the Montana State Fair as well as the fair at Lynden, Washinton this year but while I did take some pictures with my windows phone, I didn't get any videos yet.  By the way, do any of you have videos or pictures you have taken at fairs that you want to share?  Let me know and I will post it.

Coming soon:  I am also planning to browse through fair videos (animal related ones only) and share some of the ones I like.