Moving to a new video host. Goodbye youtube

Going off topic for a bit, I have bad news for you all. Two of my youtube videos were flagged and rejected last night (several others were given age restrictions on them, like the video I have showing off my amazon associate store as well as a video I have posted about clicksia) probably due to a false flagging attack by someone against my account and I now have 2 strikes against my youtube account.  I just backed up all of my youtube videos and will be scouting out new video hosts for the videos I have (right now I am giving StupidVideos a trial run and might check out similar sites like Daily Motion, Viral Networks, and Vimeo).  For your reference, here are the two videos that were deleted (they are still on my Screenr account). 

As you can see in the videos above, I don't think I did anything wrong (btw the community guidelines page does not explicitly say that you can post demonstration videos or talk about network marketing companies like GDI Coop or ptc sites like Clixsense) and I think I have fell victim to a false flagging attack (btw false flagging seems to be rampant at Youtube as you often hear about other people who have similar scenarios and youtube hasn't really done anything to address that issue, though I suppose they will care more when they lose members to their competitors' sites like myself).  I could probably still embed youtube videos on this site (I can still visit the site annonymously without logging in), but for now on I am going to be moving to a different host to post videos.