Siberian Husky hanging out by Starbucks in Whistler (non-video post)

Last week, I went to Whistler BC Canada with my family and on one of the days I was there, I got some Starbucks.  By the way, there are at least 2 Starbucks' in the Whistler Villiage, namely the one by Mongolie Grill and one across the street from the Carlbergs' gift shop (not sure how else to describe that one).  Anyways, I was at the Starbucks across the street from Carlbergs and I noticed a Siberian husky sitting in one of the chairs next to a table just outside of Starbucks.  Here it is:

  I've been to Starbucks stores many times in my life in various locations (even have friends and classmates that work at some of them, like Kimberly Cunzer who worked at the Covinton store for a while).  Anyways, while you do sometimes see people with dogs outside of Starbucks, I have never seen anything like this picture before.  Interestingly the dog is sitting next to a random lady (probably his owner) too.  I got a picture of this dog with my camera phone. 

By the way, there was also a couple across the street with 2 malamutes, but I think the husky had more style and looked better in pictures. 

Have any of you ever seen dogs sitting in chairs like this one before?