Going to be merging this blog with the husky videos blog

Hey everyone.  As you probably know, I have two animal video related blogs, namely this one as well as my other blog called the husky videos blog, which you can find at http://www.instantblogsubscribers.com/?w=huskies.  Anyways, I have been busy lately and feel like it might be good to merge that blog with this one.  I will leave the other blog up for now, but I think for now on the vast majority of animal related videos (including ones on huskies and malamutes) will be featured on this site instead.  I do have my reasons too such as being busy and plus it appears that instant blog subscribers blog posts have been blacklisted on some sites (such as twitter), and that makes it nearly impossible to promote the posts on that blog.  Eventually I will probably closed down the other blog though (will move the videos over to this blog).