Have content you want to share? Feel free to share it

Hey everybody, as you know this blog is full of videos, pictures, and similar media along with commentaries and all.  Now as much as I would like to do all of the work and find or take videos/pictures worth sharing, I wan to open up this site to you all?  Do any of you have videos, articles, pictures, etc you want to share or want me to post about?  It can be a video, animal related video game, animal related pictures (like the picture of a Siberian husky sitting outside a Starbucks store I took this week), news articles, or whatever. 

Suggested videos you are welcome to share:

1. Farm animals.  Bear in mind that I do not currently have any farm animals myself (no horses, cows, etc).  But if you live on a farm and have farm animal videos or pictures you want to share, be sure to let me know.  I will try to take videos and pictures of farm animals whenever I visit a farm, fair, etc if I find any worth sharing
2. Dogs and cat related videos.  Do you have video or pictures of your dog(s) or cat(s) you want to share?  Could be funny ones too.
3. Wild animals.  For example, deer, coyotes, wolves, bears, etc.
4. Cryptozoological creatures.  Do you think you have an authentic bigfoot or loch ness videos or pictures you want to share?  I am open to the possibilities they might exist (though I am an open minded skeptic on the issue).
5. Whale watching - do you ever go whale watching or get up close to whales (or similar animals in the ocean)?  Feel free to share.  I live close to the Puget sound here in Washington, though I rarely encounter whales myself (though I did see some orca and humpback whales when I went on a cruise to Alaska back in 2010). 
6. Trips to zoos and county/state fairs.  Did you see any animals that you want to share about?  Let me know and I will share them.
7. Cruises, road trips, etc.  Did you see any animals that you got video or picturess of and want to share them?  Let me know.
8.  Youtube videos (or similar viral videos).  Do you have videos you want to get more traffic to or think I should share on this blog?  Let me know.
9.  I will also allow video ads on this site as long as they are relevant to animals (such as the sierra club, commercials for national parks like Yellowstone, pet stores like petsmart and petco, as well as commercials for zoos, fairs, etc).

If you have videos, pictures or similar content you want me to share, feel free to let me know either by submitting a comment below or filling out a form I have set up at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AspOK6y0twuZdDlmZWFlNVNsNE5lSzdVRG9kR3lGSXc&usp=drive_web#gid=0

Note: I am going to be merging the husky videos blog with this one and so for now on all videos relating to huskies and malamutes will be shared here (can be for your benefit too since twitter doesn't seem to like posts from instant blog subscriber blog posts for some reason).

I will try to upload it as soon as possible (btw, you can also leave a comment if you have share something too so that I know).

Rules about subissions:
1. Must be animal related.  For example, videos on tvs or Xboxes for example will not be considered (unless if they are animal related, such as videos on movies like Airbud or similar animal movies or games like Nintendogs, Sims Pets, etc).
2. No spammy content.  Videos are okay though.  Google BlogSpot doesn't really like spammy content by the way so, this is for your benefit too.
3. Videos should be appropriate.  Porn, adult videos, and violent videos will be rejected (I might be willing to make exceptions from time to time though).  For example, no slaughter house videos or videos about pets being euthanized or abused.
4. Let's respect copyrights too.
5. Bear in mind that I mainly blog on a part time basis (I have 3 day jobs in addition to blogging) and so I can't promise fast response, but I will get to it as soon as possible.  Perhaps if I was earning ad revenue from this site I would be motivated to post more often, but until then I do this on the side.  Of course, if you want submissions done faster, feel free to either take some time to visit my sponsors or share the ads with people you know that might be interested in them.