Tucker Plays in the Sprinker and gets muddy - funny video.

This video is a classic (and I took the video a few years ago).  In this video, Tucker was still a relatively young dog (maybe about 1 or 2) and Tucker is the type that will play with the sprinkler when you turn it on and let him (he actually tries to drink the water when he gets wet from a sprinkler or hose, but this one was pretty funny.  He got pretty muddy too.

By the way, this was not the first time Tucker played with a sprinker. There was another time I saw him playing with a sprinkler at Perrygain Lake State park.  I thought I got a video of it, but I think I may have lost it.  If I find it I will share it.

Here are some other funny videos involving dogs and sprinklers:

This list can go on, but I am sure you can find tons of videos of dogs playing with sprinklers and hoses