Wolves up close at the Woodland Park Zoo (blog exclusive)

Hey, how would you like to see some wolves up close and personal?  I was at the Woodland Park Zoo back in April (helping with a Kohl's Cares event there) and after the event Kohl's employees got free access to the park and I was there till about 4:00 myself and while I was at the zoo I managed to get a clear video of a pack of wolves almost up close and personal while I was there.  They looked pretty cute and friendly (I am sure they are not as friendly as they look of course) and were roaming around, playing and even watching visitors (like myself) as well.  Here is the video

The wolves were located at the Northwest Trail section of the zoo and were pretty active when I was there.  A nice thing about going to the zoo in April is that 1) the zoo is not very crowded (unlike in the summer months), and 2) was not too hot nor cold either (in the summer it gets pretty hot at the zoo).  I hope you enjoy the video.