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Friday, February 28, 2014

Street Preacher Meets Dinosaur video on StupidVideos

Hey, who all her is a Christian?  And yes I am a christian myself and believe in Jesus myself.  Anyways, have you ever seen a street preacher on the streets in your city?  I remember when I was in college (Northwest University), a friend of mine (Minh Le) had a street outreach ministry that usually met somewhere in downtown Seattle (like near Pike Place Market or some of the parks there) and preach the gospel to the people on the streets of Seattle (not that I am against it, as I am completely for it as a fellow believer myself).  Anyways here is a funny video where a guy was preaching the gospel (presumably somewhere in New York City) and someone dressed up as a dinosaur was walking around and "roaring".  Pretty funny video.  Warning to those of you who are athiests: yes this video does contain preaching.  If you are easily offended by people who are preaching the gospel, don't feel like you have to watch the video.

Malamute Puppy and Cat video

Here is a cute couple: a malamute puppy and a cat.

Isn't that sweet?  They seem to get along just fine too.  By the way, it would be interesting to see how my dogs react to cats considering they have never really been socialized with them.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dog can't wait to run in sled race video

Ah, I think it is time to share another video.  Considering that it is in the middle of winter (at least at the time of this video), have any of you ever thought about forming a dog sled team or do sled dog races?  Siberian huskies, alaskan malamutes, alaskan huskies (mutt versions of the siberian husky just fyi), and similar breeds are all popular to use for dog mushers and like many dogs when they know when they are about to go for a walk or race, they can get really excited, and in this video, a dog (not sure what breed he is) just can't wait to start racing and even vocalizes his opinion of the matter too. Pretty funny

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Here is another video featuring Mishka and Laika.  In this video they definitely seem to be enjoying the colder than normal winter that the eastern part of the US is having and are having fun playing on the large ice rink in the lake.

Mishka DOES NOT want a Puppy!!!

It appears Moki has passed away not too long ago and now Mishka and Laika's owners are thinking about getting a new puppy.  of course, both Laika and Mishka are obviously vocalizing their "opinions" of the matter.  By the way, I wonder if they are considering another husky puppy or if they are planning on getting another lab?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Watching the Westminister dog show

Are any of you watching the Westminister dog show?  I am.  I wish I could go to a dog show again and see all of the dogs being shown off.  I remember my first golden retriever, Teddy (Tucker's predecessor) came from a show dog family (his father and mother were in a dog show in Monroe WA), though obviously we never raised Teddy nor Tucker to be show dogs.  By the way, fairs sometimes have dog shows, such as the Evergreen State Fair and the Puyallup fair here in Washington State and it can be fun to see all of the dogs (my favorites are probably the husky and malamute breeds) as well as them in action.  By the way, here are some videos I made at dog shows:

1. White Samoyed action at the Evergreen State fair - do you like Samoyeds?  Here is a video I took that you might like:

2. Introducing Oni the Siberian Husky and Dinami the Bernese Mountain Dog - in this video, there was a siberin husky named Oni and he was chillin with a Berneses Mountain Dog named Dinami.  By the way, Oni seems to be a regular at the Evergreen State fair as I often see him there (not always of course as they do seem to change out the dogs each day)
3. Evergreen State Fair Dog Barn video - here is another video of the dog exhibits I took at the fair.  By the way, the dog barn in the video was an older building and has since been replaced with a bigger building that houses not only dogs, but also chickens and rabbits too.

4. Husky and Malamute Collection video - while not all of the videos were taken at the Evergreen State fair,I did get a few of them, including the malamute I saw, a husky/samoyed mix (he looks more like a white husky than a samoyed in my opinion) as well as Oni watching the visitors as they pass by.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Animals vs lasers compilation video - very funny

I saw a video on youtube you all might like about various kinds of animals and how they react to laser pens. Here it is:

This videos was pretty funny, especially how the animals react to them.  Some were pretty funny too, like when the penguins were chasing after the laser, cats chasing after lasers, as well as the scene where a dog accidently bites someone's leg while chasing after the laser (definitely a good reason to be mindful about where you are posting the laser).  Animals sure can be curious and definitely tend to be fascinated with laser pens.  I should try that with my dogs and see how they react too.  You know another thing I have seen too: animals chasing after shadows.  I was at my bible study group in Lake Stevens about 2 weeks ago and the host home we are at has cats and if you cast a shadow on the wall, the cat will chase after it.

By the way, how do your pets react to lasers?  Share your experiences below.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pacman Frog catch some touch screen bugs.

Here is a funny video: a pacman frog is "catching flies" via iphone game.  Interestingly when the person tries to reset the game, the frog bites his finger.  Pretty funny.  BTW, I never thought that frogs could bite hard like that, especially their mouths are more for grabbing and swallowing food whole.  Pretty funny though


Well, here is something you don't see everyday: foxes posing as "fisherman".  It appears a catfish was caught on a fishing line, and while the person fishing doesn't seem to do anything, a fox comes out and tries to reel the fish in, though sadly the fox does not seem to be strong enough to pull the fish in, much to the amusement of the cameraman.  By the way, he seems to want to swim out and grab the fish with his mouth, but he seems to be afraid of the water (I used to think that foxes can swim too).  In  the end, the fox cuts his losses and leaves.

Animals can definitely do interesting things.  Have you seen anything like this.

PS. sorry for the typos earlier.  When I first shared this video, I was using my Dell Tablet (similar to the Microsoft Surface) and I am still getting used to the interface as well as the keyboard it comes with (it is easy to make typos with it), plus I had to take my mother to a doctors appointment too, so I didn't really have time to fix it..

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Impossibly Cute Husky Puppy: Wolfie Growing Up Pt2

Here is some good ol Siberian husky action.  this video chronicles the life of Wolfie the husky.  I should make a video chronicling the lives of my dogs.  very nice video overall.

Huskies definitely seem to make interesting family dogs.  Almost like how it is with golden retrievers, labs, malamutes, etc.  This video is giving me some inspiration too.  I don't think I have ever made any slideshows chronicling the lives of my dogs.  I should do that sometime.  Interestingly, there are 2 huskies in the video.  Besides Wolfie, there is a another black and white husky and the black and white one seems to be more vocal than Wolfie.  So what do you all think of these videos?

The World's Most Funny Dog Videos 2013

Hey, are there any dog owners here?  Here is a video you might like: funny dogs collection for 2013


These dogs are pretty hilarious.  Some of them are a bit crude though, such as the dog that accidently bit someone's leg while chasing after a laser pointer as well s the kid kissing a dog.  Some of them were pretty funny though, such as the scene where a girl takes the leash of her father's dog and the dog runs off as well as others.  By the way, what are your favorite scene?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Family of Golden Retrievers Subaru Commercial

You know, just thinking about golden retrievers, here is a funny commercial I saw recently: a golden retriever pack driving a car and barking at the mailman as they pass by them.  I have to admit those dogs definitely have talent.

That had to be an interesting experience for the mailman as you probably don't normally see a pack of golden retrievers driving along and barking at you along the way.  The commercial was pretty funny too.  By the way, this is just one of several commercials featuring golden retrievers going for a drive.  The goldens definitely have talent. as I don't think Tucker (my dog) could be taught to drive a car (though he does like to go for rides sometimes).

Puppy Dog cams anyone?

Have you ever wondered what dogs and puppies do when nobody is around?  Here is an interesting live streaming puppy camera video I found on Animal Planet.  Seems to be affiliated with the Puppy Bowl show and the cams can be interesting to watch.  By the way, they do have other live cameras like ones watching kittens, penguins, bull dogs and other animal planet related stuff.  Check it out.

Note: you can check out more live cameras from animal planet at http://www.apl.tv/.

By the way, I didn't watch the Puppy Bowl yesterday.  I wanted to, but I was watching the Superbowl instead.  Though I have seen some clips from the Puppy Bowl both on Animal Planet's web site as well as on Comcast on Demand too (Xfinity on demand currently has some videos and segments featuring clips from the Puppy Bowl X, such as the Kitten half time show I watched earlier today.  By the way, if I had the money, I should install hidden cameras at my place too, considering I have 2 dogs myself.  It would be interesting to see what they do when nobody is around or if everyone is sleeping.

Kitten and his box.

Here is a cuteness video: kittens playing with a kimtech cleanix box (Kimwipes).

By the way, I first saw this video on Probux (Neobux, Cashnhits, Probux and Clixsense all have features where you can earn extra cash by watching videos people post in addition to viewing ads) and thought it was pretty cute and worth sharing.  The kittens definitely seem to be having a good time playing with the Kimwipes box too.  They are pretty cute to watch too.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Funny Cats Compilation | November 2013

Ready for some more funny cat action?  Check out this video below from youtube.  Cats are pretty funny to watch.

This video was pretty funny.  I actually don't have any cats (maybe someday though sadly, I am actually allergic to them), and plus I have 2 dogs and they haven't really been socialized with cats so I probably won't get any cats any time soon.  The cats in this video collection are pretty funny to watch though, such as the scene where a cat tries to scare away a bob cat, a cat cleaning himself with wine, cats sneaking up on a person, cats getting into mischief, etc.  Good times.  By the way, what were your favorite scenes?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Birthday - samoyed style

Here is a cute video of samoyeds singing happy birthday.  These dogs definitely have talent in my opinion.

These two dogs definitely make a lovely duet don't they?.