Animals vs lasers compilation video - very funny

I saw a video on youtube you all might like about various kinds of animals and how they react to laser pens. Here it is:

This videos was pretty funny, especially how the animals react to them.  Some were pretty funny too, like when the penguins were chasing after the laser, cats chasing after lasers, as well as the scene where a dog accidently bites someone's leg while chasing after the laser (definitely a good reason to be mindful about where you are posting the laser).  Animals sure can be curious and definitely tend to be fascinated with laser pens.  I should try that with my dogs and see how they react too.  You know another thing I have seen too: animals chasing after shadows.  I was at my bible study group in Lake Stevens about 2 weeks ago and the host home we are at has cats and if you cast a shadow on the wall, the cat will chase after it.

By the way, how do your pets react to lasers?  Share your experiences below.