Street Preacher Meets Dinosaur video on StupidVideos

Hey, who all her is a Christian?  And yes I am a christian myself and believe in Jesus myself.  Anyways, have you ever seen a street preacher on the streets in your city?  I remember when I was in college (Northwest University), a friend of mine (Minh Le) had a street outreach ministry that usually met somewhere in downtown Seattle (like near Pike Place Market or some of the parks there) and preach the gospel to the people on the streets of Seattle (not that I am against it, as I am completely for it as a fellow believer myself).  Anyways here is a funny video where a guy was preaching the gospel (presumably somewhere in New York City) and someone dressed up as a dinosaur was walking around and "roaring".  Pretty funny video.  Warning to those of you who are athiests: yes this video does contain preaching.  If you are easily offended by people who are preaching the gospel, don't feel like you have to watch the video.