Well, here is something you don't see everyday: foxes posing as "fisherman".  It appears a catfish was caught on a fishing line, and while the person fishing doesn't seem to do anything, a fox comes out and tries to reel the fish in, though sadly the fox does not seem to be strong enough to pull the fish in, much to the amusement of the cameraman.  By the way, he seems to want to swim out and grab the fish with his mouth, but he seems to be afraid of the water (I used to think that foxes can swim too).  In  the end, the fox cuts his losses and leaves.

Animals can definitely do interesting things.  Have you seen anything like this.

PS. sorry for the typos earlier.  When I first shared this video, I was using my Dell Tablet (similar to the Microsoft Surface) and I am still getting used to the interface as well as the keyboard it comes with (it is easy to make typos with it), plus I had to take my mother to a doctors appointment too, so I didn't really have time to fix it..