Puppy Dog cams anyone?

Have you ever wondered what dogs and puppies do when nobody is around?  Here is an interesting live streaming puppy camera video I found on Animal Planet.  Seems to be affiliated with the Puppy Bowl show and the cams can be interesting to watch.  By the way, they do have other live cameras like ones watching kittens, penguins, bull dogs and other animal planet related stuff.  Check it out.

Note: you can check out more live cameras from animal planet at http://www.apl.tv/.

By the way, I didn't watch the Puppy Bowl yesterday.  I wanted to, but I was watching the Superbowl instead.  Though I have seen some clips from the Puppy Bowl both on Animal Planet's web site as well as on Comcast on Demand too (Xfinity on demand currently has some videos and segments featuring clips from the Puppy Bowl X, such as the Kitten half time show I watched earlier today.  By the way, if I had the money, I should install hidden cameras at my place too, considering I have 2 dogs myself.  It would be interesting to see what they do when nobody is around or if everyone is sleeping.