Watching the Westminister dog show

Are any of you watching the Westminister dog show?  I am.  I wish I could go to a dog show again and see all of the dogs being shown off.  I remember my first golden retriever, Teddy (Tucker's predecessor) came from a show dog family (his father and mother were in a dog show in Monroe WA), though obviously we never raised Teddy nor Tucker to be show dogs.  By the way, fairs sometimes have dog shows, such as the Evergreen State Fair and the Puyallup fair here in Washington State and it can be fun to see all of the dogs (my favorites are probably the husky and malamute breeds) as well as them in action.  By the way, here are some videos I made at dog shows:

1. White Samoyed action at the Evergreen State fair - do you like Samoyeds?  Here is a video I took that you might like:

2. Introducing Oni the Siberian Husky and Dinami the Bernese Mountain Dog - in this video, there was a siberin husky named Oni and he was chillin with a Berneses Mountain Dog named Dinami.  By the way, Oni seems to be a regular at the Evergreen State fair as I often see him there (not always of course as they do seem to change out the dogs each day)
3. Evergreen State Fair Dog Barn video - here is another video of the dog exhibits I took at the fair.  By the way, the dog barn in the video was an older building and has since been replaced with a bigger building that houses not only dogs, but also chickens and rabbits too.

4. Husky and Malamute Collection video - while not all of the videos were taken at the Evergreen State fair,I did get a few of them, including the malamute I saw, a husky/samoyed mix (he looks more like a white husky than a samoyed in my opinion) as well as Oni watching the visitors as they pass by.