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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Coyote Attack Best Footage Ever

Have you ever seen a coyote up close and personal in the wild before?  I saw a coyote once at a dog park near Lake Stevens once in relatively close range, though he seemed to ignore me.  Now, in this video someone was going on a hike somewhere in British Columbia, Canada in the middle of winter and he literally has a close encounter with a rather playful coyote.

Coyote - in Chicago Sub Shop

Here is another videos worth sharing: a coyote entering a sub shop in Chicago.

Caught on Tape: Bear in Candy Store

You know, just thinking about tigers entering stores, here is a video about a bear doing the same thing at a different location.  By the way, this time there doesn't seem to be anyone in the store.  By the way, here in Washignton State, we don't have tigers (except in zoos) but we do get bears, coyotes and cougars (mountain lions) and sometimes you do get bear sightings every now and then even in towns and cities.

Store gets unexpected visitor of the animal kind

Do any of you work in a retail environment?  I work at Kohl's part time myself as well as grocery stores occasionally whenever I have a demo to do.  Anyways whenever you work at a store, you are bound to get all kinds of visitors and shoppers, and maybe a stray animal or two sometimes, such as birds, stray dogs, etc.  Anyways, can't you imagine what it might be like if a bear or cougar were to walk into your store?  Here is a scenario I found on Stupidvideos about a tiger casually walking into some convenience store.  It was pretty funny too as the shoppers quickly left the store and the store clerk took cover under the counter.  Luckily the tiger didn't seem to be aggressive and didn't say for very long.

By the way, what do you think of this video? Have any of you ever had similar situations before?

Dog barks at himself

Now, here is a video you don't see everyday.  Sometimes you hear about dogs and cats going beserk when they see themselves in mirrors, but seeing themselves in a video - that is another story.  Here is a hilarious video I found on Stupidvideos.com about a dog going crazy when he sees himself barking in a video on youtube. Note: I am not sure what breed the dog is, but I think that he might be a jack Russel terrier

Cats shopping at PetSmart - OFF LEASH

Cats shopping at PetSmart - OFF LEASH

Mailman vs Cat - pretty funny to watch

Ah, it has been a while since I have posted yet, though part of that was because I was trying out a job in Bellevue, WA where I was working as a telemarketer for a gun rights organization.  However, I quickly came to realize that telemarketing is for me (especially where you have quotas to meet like I did which can be easier said than done depending on who you are calling and all), and so I ended up dropping that job yesterday.  Anyways, here is a video I found on StupidVideos that you might like about a mailman facing off with a cat.  Normally you hear about mail carriers watching out for dogs, but cats?  That is another story.  In this video, a mailman  tries to deliver mail through the mail slot on the door of a random house, but there was a cat there and obviously the cat seems to hate mail, which was pretty funny to watch.  Hopefully the person living in the house wasn't expecting anything important in the mail (such as bills).

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bear Sighting in Pasadena Neighborhood - Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

Bear Sighting in Pasadena Neighborhood - Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

I Saw The Article About A Bear Sighting ng Near Pasadena California an
that is pretty interesting to bear about and unusual too.  I have seen black bears on at least 4 different occasions: once in Montana near a church camp I went to back in high school, once near my house here in Snohomish (it is rural where I live and foresty too.  I also saw a bear in alaska during my time in the Juneau area near the Mendenhall glacier in the woods there, as well as one time along the north cascades highway near marblemount here in Washington as well.  I have never seen bears in urban areas though.  By the way, I have been to California on several different occasions, usually in the summer and you would think bear sightings would be more likely in rural parts of the state as well as the Sierra Nevada, Redwoods areas or the san Gabriel mountains. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Throwing the ball for a random dog near Lake Wenatchee

Well, as much as I like to share other peoples' animal related videos, every now and then I will share videos i  take too.  Anyways, about 2 weekends ago, my bible study group went on a cabin trip to the Lake Wenatchee area here in Washington State.  On the second day we were there, about half of the group went on a snow shoe hike while the other half stayed behind and played some board games, though later a bunch of us went on a casual walk (which I went on too) around some of the neighborhoods nearby and while we went on a walk, we encountered a friendly stray female dog (she probably lived at one of the homes there) and she was following us during a walk, and at one point, my bible study leader, Jake, was throwing snow balls for her.  By the way, I am not sure what breed she is.  I like to think she is a black lab / siberian husky mix, but I am not sure.  You can judge for yourself.  Anyways, here is my video:

This videos was pretty fun to take.  Interestingly, the lab actually followed us back to our cabin, though eventually she left and returned to her owners (she probably realized that she went too far from home).  Comes to show that huskies definitely can't be trusted off leash.  I did not see the dog on Sunday by the way.  By the way, Western Washington rarely gets snow each years (usually it only snows once or twice in a year on average, as the Pacific ocean currents makes winters a bit more mild than elsewhere in the northern part of the US (not too warm like California weather, but 30's and 40's on average).  However, if you go towards the passes (like Steven's Pass) or go towards east of the cascades (like the Lake Wenatchee / Leavenworth area), you are likely to encounter snow and more traditional wintery weather.  This may have been my last chance to see snow for this year (unless if we get a late snow, in February or March which does happen sometimes here in Washington over the last few years).

Stubborn Husky says "No"

Talk about stubbornesss in dogs.  They say that siberian huskies have "independent" personalities, which means that they are known to ignore commands sometimes and become stubborn (btw, just about any kind of dog can be stubborn sometimes too as a dog owner myself).  Anyways, in this video below, a siberian husky takes stubborness to a whole new level.  The person videotaping was trying to get his husky to go into a kennel, but each time he asked his dog to go into the kennel, the dog would vocalize "no" which was pretty hillarious.  Check it out.


My advice to the owner: good luck trying to get your dog to do as you say as he obviously does not seem to want to go into his kennel.

What do you all think of this video?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dogs Vs Cats - Supercut Compilation 2014!

THis video is pretty ffun  I feel kinda bad for the dogs though.  by the way how do you dogs get along with cats?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mishka's Sea Gull Chase - Day 1

This Video is funny. 2 Huskies playing on the beach and chasing after seagulls, I am sure you don't see that everyday.  I am sjre that my dogs would do the same on the beach too

Friday, January 17, 2014

Animals Can Be Jerks - Supercut Compilation 2013!

You thought humans can be jerks sometimes, now here is a funny video about pets and other animals being jerks and otherwise getting into mischief.  Check it out below.  Warning: some scenes may be a little crude

Animals sure can be trouble sometimes and do things that they shouldn't.  Even my dogs can get into trouble sometimes too (like taking off when being let outside).  Goldens are known to chew on things too when young.  Angel (the shih tzu) hasn't fully been housebroken when it comes to relieving herself, and so sometimes she will relieve herself in the house sometimes (such as the living room or upstairs).  Some of my favorite scenes included cats getting into scuffles, the man being chased by a cow, and others.  What do you all think of this video?

Scruffy Dancing Dog

Now, here is something you don't see everyday: a random dog dancing on 2 legs.  Here is the video I found on StupidVideos.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Alaskan Malamute, "Bugs" happy to see us

malamutes male good family pets don't they, so loyal to their owner. By the way, Tucker (my dog) is like that too when I am away (or my family is away) as he is usually excited to see us when we get home from work or wherever we go (more so when getting back from  trips).  Do your dogs get excited when you get home?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Funny dogs and cats playing in the snow - Funny animal compilation

Hey everybody, I hope you all had a nice holiday season.  It sure came and went fast too as it always seems to do.  Anyways, it is January and obviously here in the United States it officially the middle of the winter season and for most of us that means cold weather (unless you live say in Miami, Los Angeles or other generally warm climate areas) and snow and I think it would be fitting to share a video on youtube showing how dogs and cats react to the weather.


I thought that this video was pretty funny with dogs having fun in the snow, playing with snow blowers, cats playing with snowman and all.  Some dogs definitely seem to have more energy in snowy weather (especially ones with fur coats like golden retrievers, labs, huskies, malamutes, etc) and it is amazing to see what they all do in the winter season.  I'd post more videos of my pets playing in the snow, but here in the Seattle area, snow tends to be rare.  It is ironic isn't it?  The Seattle area is almost the same latitude as Maine and yet, while winters tend to be on the cool side (usually 30's and 40's) and rainy, we usually only get a major snow fall only once or twice each year on average.  The best bet for snow around here is to go to the passes (like Stevens Pass or Snoqualime Pass) as well as East of the cascades.  Canada can be a good place to go for snow too (especially Whistler, which is also popular for skiiers and snowboarders too).  

What do your pets do in the snow?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Funny Alaskan Malamute Meets Laser

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Funny Scared Cats Compilation 2013

Here is a funny video involving cats.  In this video there is a collection of cats getting scared with pretty hilarious results. 


This videos was pretty funny as you see cats reacting when they get scared by something.  My favorite one was where a cat was jumping and you hear Super Mario jumping in the background.