Store gets unexpected visitor of the animal kind

Do any of you work in a retail environment?  I work at Kohl's part time myself as well as grocery stores occasionally whenever I have a demo to do.  Anyways whenever you work at a store, you are bound to get all kinds of visitors and shoppers, and maybe a stray animal or two sometimes, such as birds, stray dogs, etc.  Anyways, can't you imagine what it might be like if a bear or cougar were to walk into your store?  Here is a scenario I found on Stupidvideos about a tiger casually walking into some convenience store.  It was pretty funny too as the shoppers quickly left the store and the store clerk took cover under the counter.  Luckily the tiger didn't seem to be aggressive and didn't say for very long.

By the way, what do you think of this video? Have any of you ever had similar situations before?