Funny dogs and cats playing in the snow - Funny animal compilation

Hey everybody, I hope you all had a nice holiday season.  It sure came and went fast too as it always seems to do.  Anyways, it is January and obviously here in the United States it officially the middle of the winter season and for most of us that means cold weather (unless you live say in Miami, Los Angeles or other generally warm climate areas) and snow and I think it would be fitting to share a video on youtube showing how dogs and cats react to the weather.


I thought that this video was pretty funny with dogs having fun in the snow, playing with snow blowers, cats playing with snowman and all.  Some dogs definitely seem to have more energy in snowy weather (especially ones with fur coats like golden retrievers, labs, huskies, malamutes, etc) and it is amazing to see what they all do in the winter season.  I'd post more videos of my pets playing in the snow, but here in the Seattle area, snow tends to be rare.  It is ironic isn't it?  The Seattle area is almost the same latitude as Maine and yet, while winters tend to be on the cool side (usually 30's and 40's) and rainy, we usually only get a major snow fall only once or twice each year on average.  The best bet for snow around here is to go to the passes (like Stevens Pass or Snoqualime Pass) as well as East of the cascades.  Canada can be a good place to go for snow too (especially Whistler, which is also popular for skiiers and snowboarders too).  

What do your pets do in the snow?