Throwing the ball for a random dog near Lake Wenatchee

Well, as much as I like to share other peoples' animal related videos, every now and then I will share videos i  take too.  Anyways, about 2 weekends ago, my bible study group went on a cabin trip to the Lake Wenatchee area here in Washington State.  On the second day we were there, about half of the group went on a snow shoe hike while the other half stayed behind and played some board games, though later a bunch of us went on a casual walk (which I went on too) around some of the neighborhoods nearby and while we went on a walk, we encountered a friendly stray female dog (she probably lived at one of the homes there) and she was following us during a walk, and at one point, my bible study leader, Jake, was throwing snow balls for her.  By the way, I am not sure what breed she is.  I like to think she is a black lab / siberian husky mix, but I am not sure.  You can judge for yourself.  Anyways, here is my video:

This videos was pretty fun to take.  Interestingly, the lab actually followed us back to our cabin, though eventually she left and returned to her owners (she probably realized that she went too far from home).  Comes to show that huskies definitely can't be trusted off leash.  I did not see the dog on Sunday by the way.  By the way, Western Washington rarely gets snow each years (usually it only snows once or twice in a year on average, as the Pacific ocean currents makes winters a bit more mild than elsewhere in the northern part of the US (not too warm like California weather, but 30's and 40's on average).  However, if you go towards the passes (like Steven's Pass) or go towards east of the cascades (like the Lake Wenatchee / Leavenworth area), you are likely to encounter snow and more traditional wintery weather.  This may have been my last chance to see snow for this year (unless if we get a late snow, in February or March which does happen sometimes here in Washington over the last few years).