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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Funny Video Clips Compilation 2014 Best Of Home Videos

I think it is time for some comic relief.  Check it out.  Note while the video is not entirely on topic, it does have animal related clips in it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dog does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Here is another dog doing the ice bucket challenge.  In  this video, a siberian husky "takes one for the team".  Brave dog

Funny Ice Bucket Challenge With a Dog

For those of you who are into the ice bucket challenge stuff, here is a funny video about some dude having his dog tip over the ice bucket with funny results.  I do have to admit that the dog is pretty smart.  BTW, I've never done the ice bucket challenge myself (I am not that brave), but there seem to be alot of videos about others doing them.

Frog TV Video on Stupidvideos, funny frogs

Here is a funny video I saw on Stupidvideos.  In the video, there is an iphone (at least I assume it is an iphone) with a video playing (looks like worms in the video) and frogs start gathering around it.  Some frogs even try to eat the "worms" in the video by lunging at the screen.  Check it out:

By the way, this is not the first time a frog is interacting with an iphone.  Do you remember the video where a bull frog tries to catch "flies" via a phone.  Here is the other one:
It is funny how the frog bites the guy's finger when he tries to reset the game.  I never knew that frogs could bite that hard.  I hope he was okay.  I've never lived with frogs so I wouldn't know what it is like to have a pet frog by the way.

What do you all think of these videos?

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Worst Angry Dog Ever video

Here is a funny video on Stupidvideos about what looks like a chihuahua growling at the camera man.  Luckily the chihuahua doesn't snap or anything, but talk about grumpiness:


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Massive herd of elk in Montana

Have you seen anything like this before?  I have been to Montana several times myself, but have never seen elk there.  I have seen buffalo there (especially last time I was there when I went to a buffalo wild life refuge) and even saw a black bear once too.

I bet that seeing all of the elk in Montana had to be a facinating sight.  I didn't see lots of elk crossing the oad when I was there last summer.  Though I imagine that Montana would be a good place to go if you are looking for wild animals like elk (especially western Montana).  Lots of that state is open county and is home to a good variety of animals, including buffalo (especially near Yellowstone), wolves, black bear, grizzly bears (especially at Glacier National park), coyotes, elk, cougars, and many others.  Montana is definitely a good place to go if you are trying to get out of the hustle and bustle in cities.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Close encounter Kayakers get rare look at humpbacks

Here is a news article about kayakers having close encounters with a humbpack whale.  As you can see the whale breaches just inches away from the kayaker.  By the way, humpbacks definitely don't seem to be shy about coming close to people, especially boaters, kayakers and swimmers too.

Also, this is not the first time a humpback whale has gotten to close for comfort for some people.  I remember at least 3 incidents where someone almost got swallowed by them, including 2 in california as well as 1 in Alaska (when a bunch of humpbacks were feeding hear kayakers).  Makes me wonder if there are more incidents like these that haven't been reported yet?  By the way, here are some similar videos:
Here is the video where there were two divers swimmer and a feeding humpack surfaced just inches away.
Also, here is the video of a surfer in the same kind of situation

Here is the one about Kayakers having a close encounter with humpbacks in Alaska

Can't you imagine what it would be like being like in these kinds of situations?  Although I have seen whales before (like the humpbacks I saw on the cruise to Alaska back in 2010), I have never seen anything like these before.  It has got to be an interesting and yet terrifying experience for those people.  Makes me wonder if boaters have been hit or swallowed by them before.  Also, in the above videos, I wonder if the whales could swallow people if they wanted to?  Though I though I have heard that their throats are too small to swallow people, but at the same time their mouths are huge and I wouldn't be suprised if they could engulf people even by accident.

What do you guys think of these?  Have any of you had similar experiences?

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10 Cutest Puppy Videos #2

Do you like puppies?  Here are some puppy cuteness.  Warning: some of the puppies in the video are noisy (especially ones that howl).  You might want to turn down your volume as a result.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cat scared of baby video...wtf moment

Here is a somewhat funny video on StupidVideos.  In this video, there is a cat and a sleeping baby and the cat seems to get scared whenever the baby moves (it doesn't seem to know what to make of the baby).  Check it out:

Now that is what I called one scaredy cat (all the baby does is that he/she is yawn and move and the cat backs away).  Though perhaps the cat figured it would be best to let the baby sleep.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy golden retriever tennis ball overload

You know, golden retrievers love to chase after balls.  Tucker (my dog) can definitely attest to this fact.  One thing I like about this video is that the dogs have lots of tennis balls to chase after.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dog Pool party anyone

Here is a cool video I found on KALB News Channel 5's page on Facebook.  Sometimes I've seen videos of dogs swimming in pools and even lakes too (btw, Tucker will go for a swim when given the opportunity).  Anyways, in this posted by KALB News, there is a pool with multiple dogs swimming in it.  I have never seen anything like it before.  Check it out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DuckTales Theme Song With Real Ducks

Ah, I remember watching Duck Tales back in the day, especially during the early 90's.  By the way, who else here used to watch Duck Tales when you were younger?  I know I used to watch that show often back when I was a kid (along with other shows like Chip and Dale Rescue Ranger, Talespin, Darkwing duck, and later Xmen, Animaniacs, Batman and Mighty Morphin power rangers as well during those years).  Besides the show, I remember used to have 2 Duck Tales video games (one for the computer and later the version for the NES) and even saw the movie verion once in theaters.  Anyways, here is a cool music video I found on Youtube (posted by Disney) featuring the Duck Tales theme song and using real life ducks as "actors:" for the show.  Pretty funny video.  Check it out.

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Have comments you want to share?  Feel free to share it below.  By the way, did you watch Duck Tales when you were younger?  I was probably 9 or 10 at the time.  Also, I think there is a remake of the Duck Tales game coming out for the Xbox One if I remember hearing correctly.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Washington State Fair (Puyallup Fair) Pictures 2014

As promised here are all of the pictures I took at the Washington State Fair (aka the Puyallup Fair).  I wanted to take more pictures than I did, but my camera phone's batteries died about half way through my time there.  I tried to charge the phone the night before, but I am not sure if it charged all the way or not as the charge on my phone was already less than half full by the time I got to the fair.  Also, I was originally planning to go to the fair with the Young Professionals Group through the city church but I didn't see anyone I recognized from the group there (makes me wondered if everyone bailed at the last minute), so I pretty much did my own thing there.  By the way, are you thinking about going to the Washington State Fair?  They do have a website you can check out at http://www.thefair.com/. Also, the fair is on this year from September 5 to 21.  Here are the pictures I took:
Arrived at the fairgrounds via the Green Gate.  Usually I find parking near the fair grounds, but as I was driving to Puyallup, I found out that the Kiwanis were offering shuttle services for a mere $5 (which was about half price in comparison to how much it would have cost to park in the average parking lots near the fair considering that many of them were charging about $12 for parking).  

Picture of geese at the fair.  There were several of them.  On the second time I went through they seemed to be a bit restless.

Picture of white ducks

Picture of a random horse in the horse barn area.  I feel kind of sorry for them considering that they are behind large cages like this one.  Interestingly the fair seems to have a wierd policy that you can't most of the animals there with signs warning people not to touch animals for health reasons.  Though I found that you could put your hand by the bars and let the horses sniff your hand if you want.

Another horse at the horse barn.  The horse barn is huge there with lots of horses to view.

Sleeping cat at the cat barn.  By the way, the fair did not have a dog barn when I was there. though they seemed to rotate dogs and cats on seperate days.  According to the fair brochure, dogs should make an appearance later on this month.

Picture of a black cat at a fair.  By the way, I am not superstitious about black cats and they can definitely be really cute.

Another cat.  There were lots of cats in the cat exhibits.  If my phone was more charged, I would have taken pictures of more of them.

Here is an indoor garden exhibit at the Northwest Tent at the fair.

Here is a giant model of a gray whale.  By the way, don't worry as this is not a real whale, just a model.

Here is a picture I took of a model the fair had of Mount Rainer and the Puyallup River valley.  Mount Rainer is huge and the biggest mountain in Washington and is also a dormant volcano.     

Visiting the cows barn.  

Here is a young cow

More cows

Picture of goats at the fair

Here is a long horn cow.  When I was at the fair, they had the Animals of the World exhibit going on (where you can see exotic animals from aroudn the world), and I bet you don't see cows like this one very often.  It is interesting how the fair was hosting the Animals of the world exhibits during the first weekend of the fair considering that they usually host it during the last weekend of the fair.

Here is a picture I took of a Yak at the fair.  Though you can't see it in this picture, there was a chain fence between me and the Yak so I could not get a closer picture of it.  I think it was there to keep people from touching the animals.

Here is a cool license plate.  Cadayak.  Thee was also a thing that talks about Yaks too. 

Here is a Zebra at the Washington State Fair.  

More horses at the fair (these ones were at the Animal of the World exhibit).  I bet they like having more freedom of movement than the ones at the horse barn did considering that the other ones were behind large cages.

Picture of a parrot at the fair.  You know what was funny: I actually tried to get the bird to say "smile for the camera" considering that some parrots can mimic human languages, but nothing happened.

Picture of a baby alpaca

Llama at the fair

Picture of a baby kangaroo at the fair.

Emu at the fair.  There were actually 2 of them in the pen, but I was only able to get a shot of one of them.

Not sure what kind of bird this is

Picture of a camel at the fair.  There was also a baby camel there, but I wasn't able to get a picture of it due having low battery in my phone.  By the way, they were offering camel rides on Sunday.  Not sure if the camel will be there next weekend though since I think it might be a part of the Animals of the World exhibit.

Picture of some of the food vendor booths.  Food was a bit pricey at the fair this time around (even fish and chips along with a soda costed me $15) so I had to be selective on where to buy food.  If you plan to buy food at the Washington State fair, expect to pay up to $10 or more.  If you are looking to buy cheaper food, you might want to consider stopping for fast food on the way.

Water fountain at the fair with a model fish in the back ground.

Make shift Saloon Style bar at the fair.  Definitely a good place to have a cold beer or wine before continuing on at the fair.  By the way, they do card you on the way in (keeping kids out of course).  

Couldn't resist taking pictures of these neo signs.

Looks like a Lego style model of the Space Needle.  Definitely iconic of the Seattle area.

Here is another model of the space needle with a picture of Mount Rainer in the background.  By the way, though I have lived in the Seattle area for over 20 years now, I've only been to the top once and that was back when I turned 12 (back in 1994).  Definitely due to visiting the Space Needle again sometime.  Hopfully I can go there at least once more before my family moves to Oregon (probably the Bend area) in a few years from now.  By the way, my brother Brett already lives in Oregon (near Portland to be exact), along with his girlfriend (and soon to be wife) Jocelyn, along with my aunt and uncle (Sandy and Helen) and my cousin Christian and his wife, Margaret (my aunt and uncle live near downtown Portland, while Christian and Margaret live in the Lake Oswego area).

Animals of the World sign.  

Picture of one of 3 vision dome tents.  The long line was for the video game vision dome exhibit which turned out to be a 3d version of the classic game, Asteroids shooter where you control these "guns" with a touch screen pad and try to shoot asteroids.  My only complaint about that one is that the controls seemed to lag alot.  Definitely not as good as say Xbox 360 and Xbox One.   Hopefully the exhibit will improve over time.  Though I didn't get pictures of the other tents, there were 2 other tents including one big one to the left of this tent that basically showed a documentary talking about man kind and our achievements.  There was also one behind me that showed a virtual flight tour of various landscapes and cities of the world, including deserts, cities (such as New York, London and Paris), along with other landscapes and towns.  To get in to the exhibit you had to buy tickets that sold for $6 each.  Note that this was around the time my camera phone's battery died so I wasn't able to get any more pictures after this one.   

Well those are all of the pictures I took (at least before my phone died).  If any of you have pictures or videos of the Washington State (Puyallup) fair that you want to share, feel free to let me know and I will post them.

Quick review of the Puyallup fair:

Things I liked:
- Definitely bigger than the Evergreen State fair, with more things to see and do.
- Lots of rides to choose from.  Someday I want to go on the rides again, but I will have to to wait till I have more money for it.
- They do have a petting zoo
- I liked the hypnotist they had there
- Liked the Animals of the Wold and Inspiration Dome exhibits
- Lots of food vendors to choose from.

Negative aspects:
- Traffic.  Lots of people at the fair, so expect traffic going there.  Same goes for lines, finding parking, etc.  Luckily there are shuttles that you can take to get to the fair if you don't want to try and find parking.
- Rules that say you can't pet any of the animals.  Seems like a dumb rule to me (though it appears health is an issue there).  Sure some animals should not be touched, but they could make some exceptions.  Also, the petting zoo area could be bigger with more baby animals like cows, goats, etc.
- Seems to be a bit more expensive than the Evergreen State fair.  You will defiitely need to bring $40 or more for your visits.  Costs include: parking (unless you are taking a shuttle) with many spots selling for $12 for a day, food (expect to spend at least $10 or more for meals), certain exhibits (such as the Inspiration Dome exhibits), rides (if you plan to do them, which includes the gondala and roller coasters by the way), shopping (if you plan to shop, especially in the areas where they have all of those vendors, some of who will try to sell you stuff you may or may not want), and concerts if you plan to attend them.  By the way, you can buy tickets online if you don't want to buy them at the gates.

Well that is all for now and hope you have liked this post.

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Do you have comments you want to share?  Feel free to leave comments below

-Ryan Jones

Monday, September 8, 2014

Evergreen State Fair Pictures 2014

I went to both the Evergreen State Fair (in Monroe, WA) and later the Puyallup (Washington State Fair) this month and took some pictures of the animals.  I meant to take more pictures at the Washington State fair, but my camera phone's batteries died about half way through my time there and so I was limited on how many pictures I could take.  As for the Evergreen State Fair, I was with my parents there and had only so much time to see everything I wanted to, though I would have liked to take more pictures than I did.  In this post, I share the pictures I took at the Evergreen State Fair

Goats at the fair

Cows at the Evergreen State Fair.  There was also a baby cow there, but I forgot to get a picture of the baby cow.

Picture of the stables at the Evergreen State fair.  They have a good collection of horses that you can see there.

Visited the goat barn exhibit.  Lots of goats playing here.

There were other places I visited, including the dog barn (seemed to be a bit scaled back this year), chicken, ducks and rabits area, along with pigs, cattle, and even the petting zoo they had, but I forgot to get pictures of those. 

Dogs at school collection part 1

Well, it is September and summer is almost officially over for this year (just a few weeks from now), and if you are a kid, teenager or a college student you probably know what that means: back to school (unless of course you are done with school like I am).  Anyways, for this post, I thought I would talk about dogs at school or people bringing dogs to school.  Here are some school dogs I liked.

1. Dubs the Malamute - university of Washington

 You know while I do live in the Seattle area, never did go to the University of Washington (instead I went to Pacific Lutheran University for a year and a half, followed by going to Northwest University for the remainder of my college career), though I do know some people that went there, including my brother Brett, his girlfriend Jocelyn, along with several people I went to high school with (i.e. James Wilkins, Lizzie Brent, Kim Carlberg, Johnnie Kirton, and many others, this list could go on). Even I have gone to the U District on various occasions (even attended City Church's Generation Church group while they were meeting in Kane Hall at UW on various occasions), especially during my time at Northwest University, considering that the U District was literally across the 520 floating bridge from Kirkland (back then there was no toll on the 520 bridge).  Anyways, as you probably know, the UW sports teams call themselves the Huskies and what is more fitting as a mascot than a live husky (or malamute which are pretty much large versions of huskies in my opinion).  I've never been to a husky football game or seen Dubs the Malamute, but I have seen videos of him (like the one on youtube).  Check it out.  Dubs is definitely a cool mascot for UW (I think several other colleges have live huskies/malamutes as mascots but I will only list Dubs here considering that I live in Washington).

2. Perry High Senior Prank - Bring your pets to school video

Hey, for those of you who are former seniors and high school alumni, I have a quick question for you.  Did you ever take part in a senior prank at your high school (don't worry I won't tell anyone)?  I don't remember taking part in the senior prank at Jackson (I think the students parked their cars on the grass if I remember correnctly), though at the time I did not have my own car and my parents had to drive me to school (I was commuting to Mill Creek from Snohomish by the way).  Plus it can be understandable not to take part in a senior prank given the risks involved as you do hear stories about people getting suspended, expelled and even arrested in some cases for doing the pranks.  Anyways here is a creative and yet cute prank some students took at their high school with students bringing their dogs and other pets to school.

3. Bring Your Pet to School Day - Stewart Elementary School
Here is a cool show and tell event at Stewart Elementary School (don't really know where that is).  For the show and tell event, it looks like kids got to show off their pets, though in this video a girl brings her golden retriever to school.  The dog is big and seems to like the kids who pet him in the class room.  I noticed some of the people posted bad comments about the video (such as the one where a poster says he hopes the dog would bite someone), but I think the video was pretty cute and goldens can make good dogs to show to class.  They are supposed to make good family dogs too.  By the way, I bet it is not everyday you see goldens in school.  By the way, when I was elementary school age, while I did have a dog for a short while (a springer spaniel named crocket) he wasn't well behaved and we ended up giving him away (he was too much for my family to handle) so I never showed him off in school.  Eventually I got Teddy (the first golden retriever I had before Tucker), but by then I was in high school and I don't remember Jackson hosting any "bring your pets to school" days when I was there.

Well, that is all for now.  I plan to share more videos about kids bringing dogs to school over time.

Few tips when it comes to showing off dogs in school:
- Make sure you have permission to bring your dog(s) to school.  I don't know what the policies most schools have concerning dogs, but I am sure that most schools don't allow pets unless if exceptions are made.
- Make sure your dogs are well behaved.  If they bite anyone that could be a liability and could probably get you in trouble.  Be careful not to bring any aggressive dogs (ones that are likely to bite people) obviously.
- Be gentle to your pets too.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Point Defiance park 5 mile drive and Des Moines Marina (non animal post)

Although a bit off topic, in my opinion, a trip to the Point Defiance Zoo is not complete without taking a stroll along the famous 5 mile drive.

Map of the 5 mile drive on Google Maps:
Picture of the 5 Mile Drive at Point Defiance park (the route highlighted in green)

Here is a picture of the 5 mile drive, typical view

Here is another picture of the 5 mile drive.  You know what is interesting about this road, legend has it that this road is haunted by the ghost of a girl who died in Tacoma back in the 1980s.  Here is a tidbit about the road I found on the Shadowlands Website:
Tacoma - Point Defiance Park - 5 Mile Drive - In the late 1980's a 14 year old girl named Jennifer B disappeared while riding her bike in the park. Her body was later discovered and her killer was never caught. Late at night the sound of a bicycle can be heard around the 5 Mile Drive. Several years later a couple flagged down a Park Police officer and admitted she had been driving on the drive after the park was closed. She said as she was rounding the turn by the Narrows viewpoint, she observed a young girl standing next to the side of the road with a light colored bicycle. She pulled over and her boyfriend got out to ask the girl if she was okay, since it was late and the park was closed. The boyfriend screamed and jumped back in the car and kept screaming at her to go. As she was leaving, in the red tail lamp glow, she saw the girl vanish. The boyfriend was shaking and later told her the girl had no eyes but was smiling at him. Several other people have said that they have seen a girl riding alone near dusk and whenever they stop or look back at her, she vanishes.  (source: http://www.theshadowlands.net/places/washington.htm) 
Although I drove the 5 mile drive, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary while I was there (and I did the loop twice while I was there).  But I bet that would be good for ghost stories.  You know what would be an adventure: driving the road on Halloween Night in October.  I bet thee road can get really spooky at night with everyone gone and being out in the woods.

Along the 5 mile drive are pull out vantage points where you can pull over and take pictures of scenery in the distance.  In this photo, I got a picture of the Tacoma Narrows bridge in the distance.  Note that I didn't actually go across the bridge that day (there is a toll on it anyways and didn't feel like spending the extra money).

Here is another picture I took.

Picture of the Point Defiance Park Map.  Picture taken at one of the pull out areas

I stopped by Fort Nisqually while at the Point Defiance Park.  I didn't actually go into the fort but got a few pictures of the exterior.

Here is another picture of Fort Nisqually.  By the way, I wonder what it would be like working there?

Here is a statue at the park.  Forgot the name of the person in the statue though.

Picture of the Lodge Building

Here is a bulletin that talks about the Lodge 

Picture of the Pagoda building at Point Defiance Park.  By the way, as with the 5 mile drive, apparenly the Pagoda is haunted too.  Here is another quote from Shadowlands:
Tacoma - Point Defiance Park - The Pagoda - The Pagoda used to be the trolley terminus at Point Defiance in the early part of the 20th century. The building was remodeled and is now rented out for weddings/parties. Visitors, workers, and the Police have reported hearing footsteps made with hard soled shoes walking around the building after dark. The footsteps seem to be walking down the stairs on the east side of the building, then abruptly stop. Sighing can be heard at other times and there are cold spots in the storage area below the building. A tale has been told about a young newlywed couple during the 1920's. The husband and wife would catch the trolley to Point Defiance and the husband would see his wife off for the day to visit her parents on Vashon Island. Small groups of boats would shuttle people to the island for a fee. The husband would return in the evening to meet his wife. As the small launch she was riding in approached the Boathouse area, it took on water. Many people were thrown overboard in the confusion and the husband observed with his pocket spyglass his wife flailing in the water in her heavy period clothes as she went under. Overcome with grief, he walked down the stairs to the marbled restroom, pulled out a small pocket pistol and shot himself in the head. It is said it is his ghost that haunts the Pagoda. (source: http://www.theshadowlands.net/places/washington.htm)

I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary while I was there though.  It seems to be a popular place for meetings though.
Picture of the Japanese gardens at the Point Defiance park

Here is a picture I took of a pond there

Picture of the puget sound in the distance

More pictures of the Pagoda

Picture of Vashion Island in the distance.  There is a ferry that you can take from the Point Defiance area to get to the island, though I did not actually go to Vashion Island that day.  That will be for another trip.

Another picture of the Sound

 Des Moines Marina - note I wanted to take pictures of highway 509 too, but it is hard to take pictures and drive at the same time.
Picture of the route I took heading back from Point Defiance park.  The route is in blue.  509 was definitely a change of pace in comparison to going 5.  Starts out as a freeway in Tacoma but turns into a scenic 2 lane highway going along the south puget sound area (reminds me a bit of highway 11 from Mt Vernon to Bellingham barring some obvious differences.  Took 509 all the way to Burien and then hopped on interstate 405 and headed home from there.

Picture of the sidewalks at the marina

Boats in the distance

Here is a long pier you can walk down.  At the end is a dead end though you do get lots of people fishing from the dock, at least during the summer.

Picture of the beach in the background

Picture of the puget sound.  When living in the Seattle area, you are never far a way from the puget sound, which is basically an extension of the Pacific Ocean.

I couldn't resist visiting the beach closeby, though the sun was starting to set at the time.

Picture of an old school house.  

Another picture of the old school house

Condos along the Marina.  I wonder what it would be like to live along a beach like that?