Point Defiance Zoo pictures and Point Defiance park sights (part 1 of 2)

Here is a non video post.  A few weekends ago, I decided to go to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington.  After going to the zoo, I did the 5 mile drive and later took the scenic route back towards Seattle (went 509 instead of 5, at least till I got to the Burien area).  Here are the pictures I took.   Note that I didn't take pictures of everything there.

Point Defiance Zoo Pics
Here is the meerkats exhibit

Goats at the zoo.  The Point Defiance zoo has a petting zoo there (animal farm) with friendly goats.  You can actually feed them pellets using the feeding stations which the goats will be happy to take off your hands.

Here is a picture of a stature of a saw tooth shark.  Apparently there were sharks at one time that had mouths and teeth that functioned much like a saw (cutting its prey in half).  

Picture of one of the sharks in the shark tank

Pictures of one of the 2 elephants at a zoo.  One of the zoo keepers was giving a lecture about elephants while I was there.

Another elephant at the Zoo

Picture of a tiger walking around

Who likes Monkeys?

Picture of an Anoa.  It is basically a wild asian cow

Picture of a camel at the zoo.  The zoo does camel rides during the summer where people can ride on a camel's back.  In this picture there was a girl riding the camel

Picture of a Polar Bear sleeping.  By the way, it was in the middle of the summer when this picture was taken and it was really warm out (probably 80s') and I think the sun and heat made some of the animals shy and more subdued than normal. The extra heat must take getting used to for the polar bears considering that they are from the far north (Alaska , Northern Canada, etc)

Picture of walruses.  I tried to get a closer shot of it, but it kept swimming around

Picture of the red wolf exhibit.  I wanted to get an actual picture of the wolves there, but they were camera shy that day, probably due to the heat. 

Point Defiance Drive pics (will be done in the next post