Close encounter Kayakers get rare look at humpbacks

Here is a news article about kayakers having close encounters with a humbpack whale.  As you can see the whale breaches just inches away from the kayaker.  By the way, humpbacks definitely don't seem to be shy about coming close to people, especially boaters, kayakers and swimmers too.

Also, this is not the first time a humpback whale has gotten to close for comfort for some people.  I remember at least 3 incidents where someone almost got swallowed by them, including 2 in california as well as 1 in Alaska (when a bunch of humpbacks were feeding hear kayakers).  Makes me wonder if there are more incidents like these that haven't been reported yet?  By the way, here are some similar videos:
Here is the video where there were two divers swimmer and a feeding humpack surfaced just inches away.
Also, here is the video of a surfer in the same kind of situation

Here is the one about Kayakers having a close encounter with humpbacks in Alaska

Can't you imagine what it would be like being like in these kinds of situations?  Although I have seen whales before (like the humpbacks I saw on the cruise to Alaska back in 2010), I have never seen anything like these before.  It has got to be an interesting and yet terrifying experience for those people.  Makes me wonder if boaters have been hit or swallowed by them before.  Also, in the above videos, I wonder if the whales could swallow people if they wanted to?  Though I though I have heard that their throats are too small to swallow people, but at the same time their mouths are huge and I wouldn't be suprised if they could engulf people even by accident.

What do you guys think of these?  Have any of you had similar experiences?

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