Dogs at school collection part 1

Well, it is September and summer is almost officially over for this year (just a few weeks from now), and if you are a kid, teenager or a college student you probably know what that means: back to school (unless of course you are done with school like I am).  Anyways, for this post, I thought I would talk about dogs at school or people bringing dogs to school.  Here are some school dogs I liked.

1. Dubs the Malamute - university of Washington

 You know while I do live in the Seattle area, never did go to the University of Washington (instead I went to Pacific Lutheran University for a year and a half, followed by going to Northwest University for the remainder of my college career), though I do know some people that went there, including my brother Brett, his girlfriend Jocelyn, along with several people I went to high school with (i.e. James Wilkins, Lizzie Brent, Kim Carlberg, Johnnie Kirton, and many others, this list could go on). Even I have gone to the U District on various occasions (even attended City Church's Generation Church group while they were meeting in Kane Hall at UW on various occasions), especially during my time at Northwest University, considering that the U District was literally across the 520 floating bridge from Kirkland (back then there was no toll on the 520 bridge).  Anyways, as you probably know, the UW sports teams call themselves the Huskies and what is more fitting as a mascot than a live husky (or malamute which are pretty much large versions of huskies in my opinion).  I've never been to a husky football game or seen Dubs the Malamute, but I have seen videos of him (like the one on youtube).  Check it out.  Dubs is definitely a cool mascot for UW (I think several other colleges have live huskies/malamutes as mascots but I will only list Dubs here considering that I live in Washington).

2. Perry High Senior Prank - Bring your pets to school video

Hey, for those of you who are former seniors and high school alumni, I have a quick question for you.  Did you ever take part in a senior prank at your high school (don't worry I won't tell anyone)?  I don't remember taking part in the senior prank at Jackson (I think the students parked their cars on the grass if I remember correnctly), though at the time I did not have my own car and my parents had to drive me to school (I was commuting to Mill Creek from Snohomish by the way).  Plus it can be understandable not to take part in a senior prank given the risks involved as you do hear stories about people getting suspended, expelled and even arrested in some cases for doing the pranks.  Anyways here is a creative and yet cute prank some students took at their high school with students bringing their dogs and other pets to school.

3. Bring Your Pet to School Day - Stewart Elementary School
Here is a cool show and tell event at Stewart Elementary School (don't really know where that is).  For the show and tell event, it looks like kids got to show off their pets, though in this video a girl brings her golden retriever to school.  The dog is big and seems to like the kids who pet him in the class room.  I noticed some of the people posted bad comments about the video (such as the one where a poster says he hopes the dog would bite someone), but I think the video was pretty cute and goldens can make good dogs to show to class.  They are supposed to make good family dogs too.  By the way, I bet it is not everyday you see goldens in school.  By the way, when I was elementary school age, while I did have a dog for a short while (a springer spaniel named crocket) he wasn't well behaved and we ended up giving him away (he was too much for my family to handle) so I never showed him off in school.  Eventually I got Teddy (the first golden retriever I had before Tucker), but by then I was in high school and I don't remember Jackson hosting any "bring your pets to school" days when I was there.

Well, that is all for now.  I plan to share more videos about kids bringing dogs to school over time.

Few tips when it comes to showing off dogs in school:
- Make sure you have permission to bring your dog(s) to school.  I don't know what the policies most schools have concerning dogs, but I am sure that most schools don't allow pets unless if exceptions are made.
- Make sure your dogs are well behaved.  If they bite anyone that could be a liability and could probably get you in trouble.  Be careful not to bring any aggressive dogs (ones that are likely to bite people) obviously.
- Be gentle to your pets too.