10 Funniest Husky Videos

Just thinking about huskies from the last post, here is another funny video I found about them as well called 10 Funniest Husky Videos #3, posted by Worlds Fuzziest Videos:


This video definitely shows that huskies can be total goof balls too.  By the way, this is just one of several videos that Worlds Fuzziest Videos posted (will share other ones later).  Here are some of my favorites:

- The huskies going crazy on the bed
- The siberian husky that decides to wake up a sleeping lady by "talking".  I guess the dog felt that it was time for her to wake up.
- The one where a husky was going crazy around a cat.  That was pretty funny.

By the way, do you have videos about your pets going crazy?  Feel free to share your experiences here.