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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two Malamutes and a St Bernard

Here is a video I saw about 2 malamutes playing with a saint bernard. Initially, the malamutes are playing with each other, and then a st bernard comes along and the malamutes turn their attentions to him.

Talk about some big dog action. I only have one big dog myself (my other one is a small dog), but having several big dogs has got to be an interesting experience to have.

Conversations with Mishka the Husky? New Jersey and Aliens

Here is an interesting videos involving Mishka the Husky. In this video, Mishka gets asked 2 questions: 1) does she like New Jersey (it appears that the poster is from the New York City area consideing that in at least one of the videos, they were walking Mishka and Laika in New York City), and 2) does she believe in aliens. Amazingly, the dog answers them promptly (almost like a Chewbacca impression)

Laika and Moki swimming after sticks in the water (golden retriever impression)

Aw, you guys are shy (in regards to the last post). Ah well, considering that nobody has responded to my last post (requesting you guys to share videos), I guess I will be the one sharing videos for now (based on ones I like). Also, since nobody has responded to my offer to share ad royalties on videos, I will assume that I get 100% of the ad revenue from this blog for now (hey, I offered it and nobody responded, so its your loss). Anyways, I think that it is time for another video, and for today\'s video, I decided to share a video about Laika the Husky (Mishka\'s sister ) and her sister Moki fetching sticks in the water. Here it is:

Comments about this video:

I found this video to be pretty cute and interesting. I like how Laika seems to take after a typical retriever (such as a lab like Moki) and goes to fetch a stick when the cameraman threw it in the water. She is fast too as she easily beat Moki to the punch (comes to show how fast huskies can move). By the way, you don\'t always see this in huskies. I remember when I was a the Lowell dog park with my dog near Everett a few months ago, I saw a black and white husky there (named Kemo) and I tried throwing a ball for him, but he would not go after it, and so I am not sure if they all take after retrievers. By the way, it appears that most of these videos take place in the New York City area, and I like the suburban feel to this video. By the way, can your dogs do something like this? Don\'t be shy people. Also, please be sure to share this post with others.

Related videos at www.uvioo.com:

Tan Husky says, I love you - as you can see, Miskha the Husky is not the only dog that can say words like I love you as evidenced in this video about a lady getting her dog to say I love you as well . By the way, this trick does not seem to work with every dog as I couldn\'t get my dogs to do this trick when I tried it.

Crystal the Husky sings happy birthday - this video reminds me a bit of the duets that Mishka and Laika sing sometimes in their videos (like the ipod videos). By the way, can you get your dog to sing like Crystal (the husky) does in this video?

Husky pups hanging out together in a laundry basket

Here is a cute video I found, in this video, several husky pups are hanging out together in a laundry basket while the owner is cleaning the carpet. You don\'t see things like this everyday:

Huskies, Sasha, Zoey, Gizmo and Raymin just chillin

Here is short video about a pack of four huskies: Sasha, Zoey, Gizmo, and Raymin chillin on a sofa that you might like


Aw, isn\'t that cute, four huskies just chillin on a sofa? I\'ve seen how big dogs will lie down on furniture when given an opportunity (my golden retriever does this sometimes too), probably because they don\'t like lying down on the hard floor. By the way, can\'t you imagine living with 4 huskies? That has got to be alot of huskies (though not as much huskies as I saw on a similar video about 7 husky puppies, which you can view on my other blog at http://rjanimalvideos.blogspot.com/2011/12/husky-puppies-being-noisy.html. The dogs all seem to get along pretty well too. Do you have videos of your dogs hanging out together? Feel free to share it.

Malamute Puppies for Sale in Cork video

Here is an interesting video I saw on youtube about some alaskan malamute puppies that have been up for sale since November 2011 (not sure if there are some left or not though considering that it is December now). This post was originally posted by on youtube.

Now that is some brotherly love, a husky pup playing with his big brother

Here is today\'s featured video: Havock the Siberian Husky Pup playing with his big brother, Wolfy

A pack of siberian huskies demolish a snowman

Talk about the mischeviousnesss that huskies tend to have, here is an interesting and somewhat humorus video I saw on youtube about some dude building a snowman in his back yard, only have a pack of siberian huskies demolish it. It was pretty funnny if you ask me

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What do you think of this? Foxes Jumping on Trampolines?

Now, here is a sight you are not likely to see every day: 2 foxes jumping on a trampoline.  How they got on there is beyond me, but this is a video that is definitely worth sharing and commenting about (posted by Samron on Youtube):

Although this video is definitely a rarety in my book, it is definitely prety cute and funny and worth watching.  Here in Washington State, I have yet to see a fox in the wild, though we do get lots of coyotes around here), but these foxes definitely seem to be somewhat tame considering that they were willing to check out the trampoline in somebody's yard. 

Anyways, what do you think of this video?  Do you have similar experiences you want to share about?  By the way, feel free to share this post with others.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dog (Brussels Griffon) jumping for Santa video

Here is a funny video that not all dogs seem to do: going crazy when watching TV, such as this dog jumping when he sees Santa Claus in some movie (Elf?)

I find this video to be pretty hillarious, with the dog (a brussels griffon) jumping and barking while watching the TV.  I have two dogs myself, and while they will watch TV sometimes (especially when they hear other animals), they never go crazy like this little dog does in the video.  It is almost like this dog thinks the characters in the film are real and right in front of him, even though they are only on TV.  By the way, this is not the only video where a dog goes crazy while watching a movie.  I was watching a video a while back at StupidVideos.com about a siberian husky trying to "communicate" with the dogs in the movie, Snow Dogs, which you can see at http://www.stupidvideos.com/video/animals/Husky_Attempts_Communication_With_Sled_Dogs/.

By the way, does your dog go crazy when watching TV?  Mine don't, but I would curious to hear your stories.

Husky Puppies being noisy

Here is a somewhat funny video about 7 husky puppies being noisy while they were in their pen while the owner was doing some cleaning.

You know, I don't know about you, but that is definitely alot of husky puppies and they definitely don't seem to like their pen.  Can't you imagine owning 7 medium/big sized dogs like huskies?  This reminds me a bit of what you would see in the movie, Snow Dogs, where a dude winds up with 7 huskies and a border collie after going to Alaksa.  I bet those dogs are alot to handle.  I have 2 dogs myself by the way.  By the way, what do you think of this video?  Do you have alot of dogs yourself.