Red Foxes on San Juan Island, Shared with me by a friend of mine on facebook

I know i haved developed a thing for foxes lately (beautiful animals) and I have been curious to see where are some good places to see the red foxes in my area and one popular place to see them is on San Juan Island (particularly the American Camp area).  Check out these pics shared with me by Tara (note: i didn't take any of these pictures so I don't take any credit for them):

So apparently, San Juan Island is a good place to look for them.  I can't say I have ever encountered them myself there, but maybe one of these days I will visit the south side of San Juan Island and see if I can see them for myself.  By the way, I did visit San Juan Island back in April and went to a family friend's wedding at Roche Harbor, but I didn't see any foxes that time (I was keeping an eye out for them, but there was no sign of them as far as I could tell).  Though I didn't visit the American Camp area that time (wanted to but nobody else in my family wanted to), so that would probably have to be a seperate trip one of these days, though I have a much bigger trip coming up next month going to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, so maybe later this summer (though I am also planning to go to Alaska again in August) or early fall can make another trip there (if not, maybe sometime next year). Great contributions.  By the way, have any of you been to San Juan Island and encountered the red foxes there?  If so, feel free to share your experiences below.  On the side note, I did encounter the red foxes at Northwest Trek last week (one even came out to "say hello" too) which was pretty cool and they are not always the easiest animals to spot there either (though ironically they were by far easier to spot than the coyotes and cougars last time I was there).   Hey if only i had both the extra time and money, I could do more trips like that, but for now I just have to wait for an opportune time (same goes for Mount Rainer as that area too is supposedly a hot spot for fox sightings too).