Your contributions are welcome

Attention visitor!  Have a video to share?  Help contribute to this blog.

Do you have a youtube video, stupid videos video, etc to share?  I would love to host your video here at  There are plenty of videos out there, and it would be impossible to host all of them on this blog.  If you are interested, please either comment on this blog or email them to me at with a link to your video.  By the way, I could use some fellow authors and so if you want to become a sub author here, send me an email at and I can send you an email invite.

- 15% ad revenue sharing program for the top 5 contributors each month (from linkshare, clickbank, adsense, and/or  Will distribute 10% of the ad revenue this site generates to the top 5 contributors (note: how much I will distribute will depend on how much ad revenue this blog generates each month).  So if I made $100, the top 5 would earn $15 each.  For maximum earnings, you should consider helping me to promote this blog since more traffic means more potiential ad revenue.  BTW, eventually, I will extend the ad revenue sharing to everyone who contributes, but for now I will keep at the top 5 due to budget restrians.  Of course, if you all want ad revenue, I could use sub affiliates (preferably those of you with websites or ad enabled blogs) with several of my ad networks including: Linkshare, Clickbooth, Points Click Track, Global Domains International (a network marketing firm that sells web hosting plans to people), Ad Click Media, Rev Click, etc.  Email me at if you are interested.  Will send you my sign up links to them then.
- get publicity for your videos
- This blog is for you all
- Get links to your website, youtube channel, etc.

Video Guidelines:
  • must be videos you or people you know have taken
  • must be relevant to animals (such as dogs, cats, farm animals, horses, etc).  Cartoons, video games, and other media with animal content (such as Sims 2 pets) are ok too.  Irrelevant content (such as videos on income opportunities not related to animals) will not be posted.
  • Please no "shock videos" (such as people killing their dogs, animals being sent to the slaughter, etc).  I want to keep this blog PG-13 rated (or less).  If you must share a potientially controversial video, warn me and if I do post it, I will need to put up a warning label for it.
  • No hate videos
  • No biased videos allowed
  • Your video must not redirect to another site, contain malware, or other harmful and annoying stuff.
Those are all of the rules for now, and more will be added if necessary.