Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mountain Lion encounter in Montana

Check it out Mountain Lion encounter in Montana

You  an watch the full video here:

I can't say I have seen mountain lions in the wild before, but I did see one at Northwest Trek when I was there back in October (he was pacing around in his enclosure).  These guys are HUGE compared to say lynx and bobcats.  Now, this is what I call a close encounter.

Here is a video I got of a mountain lion, bobcat and lynx at Northwest Trek (Lynx, Cougar and Bobcat in that order):

Cougars are one of the hardest animals to see at Northwest Trek (definitely moreso than the foxes in my opinion), but I did manage to see one of them when I was there in October.  My favorite of the 3 was probably the bobcats.  Interesting thing about that one is that at first you couldn't see the bobcat, but there was a zookeeper in the enclosure and she blew this whistle and soon afterwards, the bobcat came out to say hi (and appearing in the video).

Have you ever seen a mountain lion or cougar in the wild?  Feel free to share your experiences.  On a side note, I have seen a few bobcats in my own back yard (most recently last month).

Monday, November 13, 2017

Live Deer Cam/Squirrel/Bird and Bear Wildlife Cam - Live Stream -

Live Deer Cam/Squirrel/Bird and Bear Wildlife Cam - Live Stream -

You will have to click the link to watch the video, but it can be interesting to watch.  Not sure where exactly the camera is set up, but it seems to be out in the woods somewhere and sometimes you can see bears wandering through.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

HUGE Whale Surprises Guy on Kayak | The Dodo

Check this out: a humpback whale opens wide almost right by the kayaker.  Seems like people can have close calls with whales.  Makes you wonder if anyone has actually been swallowed by a humpback whale (or at least winding up in their mouths) considering how close they come (though I have read that their throats are too small to swallow a full person).

Whales poping up too close for comfort like that definitely seems to be a growing trend.  Have seen other videos of whales feeding right in front of other.  You know what would be the day: someone actually getting engulfed by a humpback whale.  Seems like it could only be a matter of time before somethings like that happens considering how close they come to people like that.  On a side note, I saw some humpback whales when I was in Alaska back in August and although they didn't feed right by the boats, I did see at least one doing some spy hopping

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Fighting Foxes at Zao Fox Village Japan

Fighting Foxes at Zao Fox Village Japan

You can watch the video at (apparently they don't allow this video to be embedded)