Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kids At The Zoo: Compilation

Have any of you been to the zoo this last year?  I went to the Point Definace Zoo in Tacoma back in July.  Anyways, here is an interesting video on youtube from AFV about kids and animals "interacting" together at various zoos.


These videos were pretty funny.  Though if I were the kids, I would probably be nervous about the large cats pawing at the glass.  It is almost like they were thinking of the kids as lunch.  Let's hope the glass is strong enough to keep them on  the otherside.  Other tidbits:

- I liked how the toddler reacted when a giraffe what trying to lick up the food the toddler was offering it.

- Bears and kids interacting was pretty cool.

-  Also, the Ostrich trying to "eat" the glass.

What did you guys think of these clips?  Have you taken your kids to the zoo yet?  Obviously I don't have kids myself, but I usually try to go to the zoo at least once or twice each year.  Will probably try to go to the Woodland Park Zoo again next year given the opportunity.

Happy Halloween From AFV Animals!

Here is a Hallowenish themed video from AFV.  Pretty funny

Dog Scared By Godzilla

Here is a funny video about what looks like a golden retriever being chased by a toy Gozilla.  The dog even decides to hide in the shower.  The dog probably thought that the toy was real and was trying to get away.  Pretty funny video.  I hope the dogs warms up to the toy though.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Horse headbutts man - funny video

Here is a funny and yet crude video I saw on Stupidvideos.  In this video, there is a man walking a horse and a guy holding pales of water and the guy with the water gets knocked down by another horse.  By the way, I like how the horse being walked reacts in this video too.  Check it out: