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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mishka the Husky says 12 words, a Must watch Video!

Can your dog do something like this? Here is a video shared with me by my brother, Brett on Bing videos about the famous Miskha the Husky saying 12 different words on various occasions. I\'ve seen dogs saying words like I love you , but I have never seen anything like this before. Check it out.


I have to admit that Mishka is very talented. I\'ve seen huskies and other dogs speaking before, but having a dog speaking up to 12 different words is a whole new level of talent for dogs. By the way, I\'ve tried to get my dogs to speak, but they won\'t do it for me, so this trick does not seem to work with all dogs. Some noteworthy phases includes: Obama, I love you, thank you, bye bye (and several others).

By the way, can your dog(s) do similar tricks? If so, feel free to share them.

Jack Russel Terrier performs random tricks, smart dog

Here is a video you all might like: a video about a Jack Russel Terrier performing various tricks

I have to admit that this dog is a pretty smart and talented dog.  I am not sure if my dogs would do the same tricks if I tried to get them to do them.  By the way, do your pets do similar tricks?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Siberian Huskies playing off leash video

Here is a random video I liked on Youtube, posted by Gonetosnowdogs about her two huskies playing off leash in her yard. And the huskies are enjoying every moment of their time off leash. Feel free to comment.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kitten vs. Watermelon (cute cat video)

I was browsing youtube videos today, and stumbled across this interesting video with a cat playing with a whole watermelon.


This video as well as several others come to show how cats can definately be wiered pets sometimes. I remember seeing in another video about how a cat seemed to freak out around what looked like a green apple, as well as another video a while back where 2 cats seem to "hate" a treadmill. Now, in this video, a cat seems to be very curious about this watemellon. I've never had a cat before, but they are definately interesting pets.


Chihuaua humps a husky, a WTF moment you should watch

Here is a nice wtf moment. I was watching videos about siberian huskies on StupidVideos.com and stumbled across this video that you don\'t see every day.


Now, you don\'t see things like this every day, a small dog trying to hump a big dog (though I do remember seeing a similar video with a pomeranian trying to do the same thing with a big dog too). One thing I noticed about this video too is that the husky does not seem to mind being humped (as embarrasing the video probably is for him/her) and the chihuaua goes for at least a minute here too. By the way, my dogs do have a small dog / big dog relationship too (a shih tzu and a golden retriever), though they have more of brother/sister relationship than anything else.

Have you seen any similar wtf moments? Feel free to share your experiences. By the way, do you like these videos and blog entries? Be sure to share this post using the book mark widget below. Also, I would appreciate it if you take some time to visit my sponsors as ad revenue would encourage me to post alot more often here and could help cover the costs of running sites like this one.