animals in the fog January 2, 2018

Here are the results from then night of January 1-2 (New Years day).  Now have 2 trail cams set up and in this video, I had both tied up to a tree by the shed in my yard.  One was pointing towards the shed (the bushnell one) and the other was angled towards the bushes and yard.  Didn't see anything real interesting on the bushnell cam (besides my neighbor's dog and some small birds), but on the other cam, fog had set in and makes for some interesting effects on the animals seen in the video.  Check it out.

Notes about the video:
- the fog made it difficult to positively identify some of the animals.  Sure I was able to make out some rabbits, a dog (most likely Hank the black lab, though it could be a coyote too), and an opossum.  Others I wasn't so sure.  At one point, I saw a possible bobcat.  Also saw what could either be a rabbit or fox (would mark the first time seeing a fox on my trail camera if that is the case) running by too.  Probably would have been more clear if it wasn't foggy.
- It was a cold wintery night and the moon was out, but it is clear that fog had set in too.
- Used Windows Movie maker to make the video (was actually multiple videos from my trail cam that I merged into one long video).  The music theme was "Chilled" from Windows movie maker (thought that the music would spice things a bit in the video)
- the colder weather is definitely having some interesting effects with the trail cam.  More condensation and fog.  Also animals seem to be less active when it is colder out too.

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