Top 10 Trail Camera Captures for this year 2017

These are my top 10 picks for my trail cam footage for this year (from my own trail camera)

Here is a coyote taking notice of my Akaso trail camera.  He was feasting on some bread and apple slices I had put out earlier that day

I've only had a trail cam since the end of September and I have already gotten some rather interesting results with it.  I can't say I get sightings to share every day, but I've definitely been getting some impressive results over the last 3 months.  Below are some of my most memorable captures

1. Coyote and feral cat makes an appearance on the first night - 

in these 2 videos below, I had just started using my first trail cam (the akaso one) and on the very first night, I did get some visitors: namely a coyote and a feral cat (that may have been living under the shed at the time).  Initially, I thought that the cat was a cougar, but it turned out to be a feral cat.  Though seeing a cougar on my trail cam would be a huge discovery should it happen, which could happen eventually, especially considering that my brother Justin claims he saw a cougar just down the hill from my house along the side street leading towards where the golf course is one night.

2. Squirrel and Stellar Jay Feeding Frenzy

(for the longer version of the video, see

3. Opossum eats the egg - 

This happened the following night after the Stellar Jay feeding frenzy video.  After the box was down to just the 2 eggs, I decided to leave the 2 eggs out to see if anything gets them, and sure enough, the next day, I could only see egg shells and it turned out that there was a hungry opossum that came by and devoured the eggs.  Also got some strange howling noise in the back ground too (kinda reminds me of the alleged bigfoot screams you hear about).  Not sure if we do get sasquatches here in Snohomish, but I do lived in a wooded environment and assuming they are real, they could be lurking in the woods somewhere.  Interestingly, the Duvall area apparently gets bigfoot sightings sometimes too (at least according to the website), which is about 10 miles south of Monroe and is similar to Snohomish in some ways, especially the rural feel to it.  Of course, a live bigfoot on camera would be quite the discovery if I did see one.

4. Deer on camera - 

Here is a rare video I got of some deer coming by the trail camera. Interestingly the deer seemed to check out the camera too.  It is not every day I get deer by there, but one did come by.  Used to get more deer in the field across the street, but now it is being converted into a development, so deer might become more scarce as a result (cost of tearing down trees and building extra homes).

5. First Bobcat sighting -

 this video officially marked my first time seeing a bobcat on camera since getting a trail cam.  I have seen these guys in the past sometimes, like the time Justin had some of his buddies over and we were hanging out in the hot tub in the yard, but now I have some bobcat footage on video, that is something else.  I got 2 more sightings of bobcats on my trail cam since then too.  One interesting story from that day; my dad had some family friends over (Keith and Linda) from Arkanas (who were on a road trip to the west coast and were taking a trailer with them) at the time and not only did I get a coyote on camera that night, I also got a bobcat too.  I actually ended up having a second sighting that day too (not on camera).  It was a warm fall day, and I was hanging out on my deck and drinking a moscow mule drink I made (basically ginger beer, lime juice, and a shot of vodka), and my dog Tucker (who was still alive at the time) was hanging out too when all the sudden I saw a bobcat along the edge of the yard trotting by.  Got up to look at it and try and get a picture of it with my windows phone, but it looked at me and ran off into the woods (I was on my deck at the time too).  I was hoping my trail cam would have caught the daytime sighting too, but it didn't, but I know what I saw that evening. 

6. Bobcat inspects the camera - 

speaking about Bobcats, I had 2 more sightings on camera since the first time, and both times the cat took an interest in the trail cam.  Unlike the first time around, the bobcat(s) seemed to take notice of the trail camera and was checking it out.  Seems to notice the infrared light too.  He probably thinks someone is standing there watching him.  Check it out:

7 . Coyote Feeding Frenzy (on Christmas eve too) - 

twas the night before Christmas.  Not a creature was stirring.  Not even a ... coyote (pun on the night before christmas book).  Interestingly, I was at my church for the Christmas eve services they were doing at the time of the video. This was definitely a suprise for me.  Tried similar experiences in the past, putting out food by the trail cam (even placing meat by it sometimes) to see if I could lure out a coyote or other carnivores by the camera (no appearances by the coyote or bobcat though on those times), but I guess all it really takes to get them to come by is to put out some sliced apples and bread crumbs by the camera, and then they come out.  By the way, I am aware that coyotes can become habituated to humans if you put out food for them too often, so I probably won't do this too often (maybe once a month or less at most).  Would have to figure out a way to put out food by the camera in a way they aren't likely to know who is putting food out there.  Though I haven't seen the same coyote since that night, so I should be fine for now.

8. Stellar Jay feeding frenzy 2 - 

here is one of the experiments I was talking about in in the coyote video.  I had put out a used doggie bag box and placed some raw eggs, sliced ham, turkey, left over chicken salad, and even some cheese.  It was intended to lure out a coyote or bobcat (or similar carnivore).  Instead, I got stellar jays coming by and a feeding frenzy ensued.  Interestingly, the birds got kinda aggressive and seemed to be attacking the camera a bit.  They probably thought that someone was standing there and filming their every move (even when nobody was nearby).  Interestingly, near the end, an oppossum came by and was inspecting the left overs too (mainly just down to the eggs at that point).

9. Rabbits on Camera - 

I don't always get big carnivores coming by the camera (like the bobcat and coyote).  More often than not, smaller animals come by, like these rabbits below (though we also get birds like the stellar jays, squirrels, and opossums too).


10. Coyote runs by the fort - 

I have been experimenting with my trail cam a bit by placing it in different parts of the yard (good way to scope out potiental hot spots for animal sightings) and on some occasions I have it pointing towards my brother Justin's fort (he used to have sleep over parties with his buddies there).  Usually it is quiet over there, but one night (just before my trip to Whistler for Thanksgiving), I got this video of a coyote running by.  Actually had to slow down the time a bit using the Youtube editor, to make it easier to get a better look at it.  Just think whenever my Justin and his friends were sleeping in the fort, you never know what might come by at night, like this coyote.

Bonus material:

In memory of Tucker the Golden Retriever.  Here is a set of trail cam videos I had of Tucker before he passed away near the end of November (he had cancer and was pretty much under a death sentence since June, hence not going to the Grand Canyon too like we were originally planning, and the time came to put him down in late November).  Tucker was well over 10 years old when he died (about the average lifespan for golden retrievers).  Not sure if my family plans on getting new golden retriever style dogs anytime soon like we did when Teddy died (Tucker's predecessor) in 2007 (though I kinda like the idea of getting a siberian husky as my next dog if I had my way) as my parents are getting "dogged out" now (living with 2 different golden retrievers along with a shih tzu was definitely quite the hand full for the family). 

Hank (a black lab) On Trail cam.  Here is one of the several videos I had of my neighbor's dog Hank on trail cam.  They have a black lab.  Interestingly, we have been seeing more of Hank since Tucker passed away, though we still have Angel.

These are not all of the videos I got, but are some of the most memorable ones for this year (all on the Akaso trail cam).  I don't have anything to share from my other camera yet (seems to be less user friendly than the akaso one), but will share videos I find on it that I find interesting.  These are the many different videos I have gotten in my own experience with the trail cams and in the Snohomish area in Washington state, though I would be curious to see what kinds of footage other people are getting.

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