Grey Wolves on the prowl at Northwest Trek

Check it out: wolves at Northwest Trek, video taken using my android tablet.

Like the woodland park zoo, Northwest Trek has grey wolves that you can see roaming around at the wolf exhibit.  Interestingly, when I visited the park the first time this year (a few months back), the wolves were sleeping, however the second time I visited the park, they were quite active and hungry too as it looks like in the video.  There are 2 places where you can see the wolves in their enclosure: 1) Baker Research Cabin and 2) further up the path from Baker Research Cabin, there is another spot where you can see the wolves from another angle.  Interestingly, Northwest Trek is the only zoo in Washington State that I am aware of that features wolves, red foxes AND coyotes all together.  Olympic Game farm has arctic foxes instead of red foxes, woodland park zoo only has wolves on display (though they used to have arctic foxes too till recently when the display got discontinued) and the point defiance zoo mainly has red wolves and arctic foxes.  The only animals I didn't see the second time around at Northwest Trek were the coyotes and the mountain lions (aka cougars).  Ironically both the wolves and the foxes were much easier to spot than the coyotes were.