Red fox at Northwest trek - rare video of the foxes there

Here is an easy to miss animal at Northwest Trek: the Red Fox and yet this fox came out to say hi and gave me the perfect moment to get video footage of him with my tablet.  Note: I actually got 2 videos of them:


You know, it should be worth noting that this video is likely a first of its kind: showing off the red foxes at Northwest Trek.  I went to Northwest Trek last Thursday with the idea of getting footage of the red foxes there and sure enough at least one of them was out and about.  Northwest Trek is one of the few zoos I am aware of where you can see a red fox (though I have heard that the Greater Vancouver Zoo near Vancouver BC has red foxes too, though i'd have to see them for myself) and is about a 2 hour drive south of the Everett area and is literally on the way to Mount Rainer (though that would be a day trip in itself).  The park is unique in that visitors can go on a tram ride that goes around in a huge loop and you can see animals like bighorn sheep, caribou, elk, deer, and geese, and similar animals roaming around.  They also have a "walking tour" section (that functions more like a traditional zoo) where you can see animals you might see in the pacific northwest, including: raccoons (a common sight at Point Defiance Park in tacoma by the way, especially along the 5 mile drive section), cougars, black bears, coyotes, wolves and even foxes.  The foxes can be tricky to spot sometimes (though the enclosure is in a wooded area, which makes it easy for them to hide if they don't want to be seen) but for those who are patient and have good eyes, you are likely to see them.  When I was there, there were 2 foxes present: one was hiding behind some trees and I could see him poking his head out watching visitors like myself, and another was napping right out in the open.  Eventually the napping fox woke up and kinda came out to say hi.  Check it out.
By the way, I was being a little silly when I was asking the fox what does a fox say (I've heard that slang before) though I understand that foxes can be quite vocal if they want to (for example, see Youtube video on fox calls if you want to hear what red foxes usually say).

BTW, have you seen the foxes at Northwest Trek?  Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.