Fox Web Cam Sightings album

Over the last few months, I've been watching these web cams at the Simon King Wildlife website and I have had my share of sightings and been documenting many of them (though not every sighting).  Created an album on Facebook showing off the many fox and badger sightings I have had.  These web cams are pretty interesting to watch and offers a very unique look at these otherwise very elusive creatures:
You know, I'd be tempted to set up a similar web cam or camera traps in my own back yard and see what animals lurk in my own backyard when everybody is sleeping.  I am not sure if we get red foxes or badgers in my neck of the woods here in Snohomish, Washington (though I did have a night time fox sighting just a few miles east of my house on one of the back roads near Monroe and every now and then I will pick up on the same skunk-like scent that I smelled when I visited the fox exhibit at Northwest Trek in the air, possibly indicating that there may be some foxes hidden nearby while I am driving), but we get other kinds of animals, including coyotes, raccoons, occasional black bears, bob cats, and even bald eagles.  Will have to visit cabelas or bass pro shop sometime and seeing about buying one (though I am sure they can be expensive to buy so I would probably have to save up for one).  Anyways, I am a fan of the Simon king wildlife website and am amazed to see the many different animals on them.  Even when the foxes and badgers are not present, you might see other wildlife too, such as squirrels, birds, mice, and I have even some black cats too on the fox family camera. It is also worth noting that I live in the Seattle area and the cameras are based out of England, so there is about an 8 hour time difference between my time and their time, so when it is middle of the night here, it is morning there (though times do seem to overlap a bit sometimes).  I can't say I have ever been to England before, but might consider taking a trip there someday if an opportunity arises.

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Important disclaimers:
- I don't own or any of their cameras, nor am I associated with them in any way.  For any questions, concerns or comments you might have for them or their web cams, you might want to visit their website and and connect with the admin there that way (alternatively you could connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube).  I could try to answer some questions but they would know more things than I do.
- I have never been to England before (the only other country I personally have been to besides the United States is British Columbia Canada), so I can't say I am an expert on England nor any of the wildlife there.  So I am sure there are lots of things about England that I wouldn't know the answer to.
- Sightings of red foxes(fox family cam and fox badger feeder camera) and badgers (fox badger feeder camera only) tend to be hit and miss and I can't guarantee sightings every time.  Even for me sometimes the cameras can be quite active and at other times they can be very quiet with little or no activity.  Also fox sightings tend to be rather brief too (they can be there one moment and gone the next moment).
- One word about content on the cameras: the cameras are maintained by the owners of the Simon King website and they show wildlife live (both day and night).  Animals wake up, run around, eat, etc.  I have observed that the foxes will sometimes hunt the mice, squirrels and birds and have been known to eat some of them (can be hard to watch sometimes) and even get in fights with other foxes too sometimes.  Some animals can get frisky too (especially during fox mating season).  I'd probably rate the cameras as pg as a result.
- These pictures are not every sighting i have seen (I have had sightings that I don't post about, especially very brief sightings or sightings where the animals move around too much to get a good snapshot of them)

By the way, when watching the web cams, feel free to share your encounters below in the comments section.