Watch live Grey Wolves on Web Camera

Check out this live wolf at night.  

Here is a black wolf just waking up

I am the boy who cried "wolf" and I mean 4 of them

Let me ask you this...have you ever seen a wolf in the wild (besides the ones you might see in a zoo)? I can't say I have, though I faintly remember hearing a wolf howl near Whistler British Columbia (was doing a sleigh ride there several years back in the winter and heard what may sounded like a wolf howl instead of the usual coyotes howling).  Anyways, I found some web cams where you can watch some live wolves (much like the fox web cams I was talking about earlier).

Here are the web cams:


These cameras are live action (though you can replay the footage from the beginning) and you can see live wolves in action.

You can also view these web cams from the source at:

Feel free to share your sightings and stories in the comments section below

On a side note, these web cams are based out of the International Wolf Center in Ely Minnesota.  To date I have only been to Ely once and that was back when I was in 3rd grade (back in the 1990's) and when I was still living in Illinois (I have since moved to Washington State back in 1994).  Sadly I Haven't been back to Ely since moving to the Seattle area in 1994, though I did pass through the Minneapolis area in Minnesota on the amtrak train going to Milwaukee back in October 2016 (even did a selfie at the train station there too) and even visited Door County in northern Wisconsin again whil there. However, I do recall visiting the wolf center while I was there (was in Ely for a cabin trip with some family friends back in the day) and at the resort we were staying at they did have programs you can attend, including one where you can visit the wolves and see them almost up close (at least without going in their enclosures) and even hear them howl sometimes.  By the way, if I recall, Ely is supposed to be a hot spot for wolf sightings in the wild (being near Ontario Canada) and you may see one or hear them howl at night (I didn't see any in the wild when I was there, but my parents claim that they have heard them howl at night), though if you really want to see them, I might recommend visiting the place.  By the way, have you ever seen a wolf in the wild?  To date, I have yet to have a sighting of my own.  There are supposedly wolves in Washington State too, though I think they are mainly found in the north cascades and eastern Washington (particularly in the north eastern corner of the state near Spokane) and at least in my neck of the woods, they usually come in the form of coyotes too.