Red Foxes in Auburn, Washington? Possible sighting along the Valley Freeway

Random picture of a fox along a road way (source

I had a rather interesting commute yesterday going to the Tacoma area.  I don't normally have to go to the Tacoma area for Crossmark or Advantage Sales and marketing, but yesterday was almost a first for me (I can't say it's the first time since I have been to the Reber Ranch Store Covington area a few times back when the company was still using the Sales Trak system for scheduling jobs about 2 years ago). Anyways, I was scheduled for a few jobs in the Tacoma area where I was supposed to work with some Hersheys reps in packing out some of the easter related displays they have set up at the Walmarts in Puyallup, Bonney Lake and Tacoma and as I was heading south on the Highway 167 freeway (aka the Valley Freeway) just south of the Auburn area (probably the Algona vincinity to be exact), I was glancing into the field and saw what may have been a red fox on the prowl.  The sighting happened rather quickly and I wasn't able to get a real good look at it (after all, I was driving on a freeway and traffic was somewhat heavy due to rush hour traffic), but it was a dog like animal and was definitely smaller than a coyote.  I am not 100% sure it was a fox (could have been someone's dog too), but it looked a little bit like a coyote but smaller (had pointy ears).  It could have been a dog, but it was in the middle of the field, early in the morning (around the time foxes are usually out) and looked like a wild dog instead of a domesticated one.  If I wasn't driving, I probably would have snapped a photo of the animal with my windows phone.

Here is a map of the route I took.  Circled is the area where the sighting took place.  Happened in a field along the right side of the freeway heading south.

Just out of curiousity, have any of you seen a fox along a freeway?  Also, for those of you living in the Tacoma area, have any of you seen a fox (besides the ones in zoos)?  It was definitely an unusual sight for me, though I did see a red fox one other time here in Washington to date and that was the night time sighting I had of one near Monroe, Washington.  By the way, this is not the first time I have seen large animals along the road ways.  Other sightings I have had in the past includes: coyotes (even saw one cross the highway 520 freeway near Marymoor Park in Redmond several years ago). black bear (saw one just north of Darrington along highway 530), and deer.  Foxes don't seem to be as common as coyotes are here in Western Washington, but they do seem to have a presence here in Western Washington.  If you venture out on the road ways (especially between dusk and dawn), you just might encounter a red fox sooner or later.  From my experience, sightings seem to be quite brief and if you happpen to be riding in the passenger seat, be sure to snap a photo if you can.